XS2 MV Checkweigher

The Safest All-in-One Solution.Serialization, verification, checkweighing and optional tamper proof sealing, ALL in one exceptionally safe process solution. The unit ensures global traceability and is a crucial element in reducing counterfeit pharmaceutical products.

Exceptional Process Safety

A fail-safe design that ensures all cartons leaving the system are correctly serialized, tamper proof sealed and content controlled.

Years of Built-in Experience

Extensive experience in carton handling is built into the conveyor controls, providing unparalleled accuracy in carton tracking and sorting.

Maximum Productivity

Sorting catch bins that are emptied during production and clear views of all parts provide maximum productivity while the unit is still producing.

Material No.: 24000232

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Specifications - XS2 MV Checkweigher
Product Types
System Design
500 ppm
Weighing Range
0 g - 300 g
Product Width
200 mm
Hygienic Requirement
Wipe Down (IP20)
Maximum Product Weight
300 g
Combination Options
Track & Trace
Transport Height
830 mm - 950 mm (± 30 mm)
from ±0.1 g
Production Environment
Weighing Technology (Load Cell)
Customization Options
Bespoke handling
Weights & measures design approval for official verification (MID certifiable)
Weighing Combinations

Human Safety in Focus

Operator protection is safeguarded by a full length cover, electro-mechanical safety locks, and more emergency stop levels.

Pharma Expertise

Meeting producer's requirements with pharma-options, factory acceptance tests, validation supporting documentation and a world-wide service network.

Weighing Terminal (HMI)

15-inch color touchscreen TFT display. Individual user access profiles with password protection. More than 30 available languages. Displays all key weight, production and configuration data.

Weighing Technology

Electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR) load cell, digital, maintenance-free, with temperature compensation, made in Switzerland.

Data Collection to Support Compliance

More than ten data communication protocols to provide the fullest suite of data collection tools. Supports Industry 4.0 integration projects.

Global Service Support

A global network of service experts provide fast remote and on-site support. Our comprehensive service offering allows you to achieve regulatory compliance, high performance, and maximum uptime throughout the life cycle of your product inspection equipment.


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XS2 MV Checkweigher