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    Machine Vision Systems

    Turnkey machine vision systems to ensure the quality of labels and packaging


    Machine Vision Systems

    Turnkey machine vision systems for product labels and package integrity

    As production speeds increase across many industries to keep up with an equally rapid growth in product demand, the risk of a defective product being produced and making its way to a retailer shelf also increases. Using a METTLER TOLEDO machine vision solution drastically reduces the risk of a defective label or package causing a product recall or expensive rework by inspecting every product on the line with a level of accuracy unattainable by manual inspection methods.

    METTLER TOLEDO PC-controlled machine vision systems run on our state-of-the-art CIVCore software, which comes with a statistics package that not only shows the number of defective products, but can report why those products are defective. The software's robust statistical package helps manufacturers to spot failure trends, highlighting weaknesses in the production process, while comprehensive user logs increase operator accountability when it comes to properly utilizing the vision system.

    METTLER TOLEDO offers multiple vision inspection system configurations to fit your precise requirements, ensuring that you only pay for the inspections and equipment you absolutely need, including Smart Camera-based systems for simpler, cost-effective inspection applications. Both our PC-controlled and Smart Camera solutions support a touchscreen interface which displays system health and the number of defective products detected. Pre-configured inspection profiles allow for rapid product changeovers – or for hands-free changeovers, manufacturers can connect vision systems to their pre-existing central control systems.

    Inspection solutions with METTLER TOLEDO

    With over 30 years' experience, METTLER TOLEDO produces vision inspection systems that provide optimal protection against defective product packaging and poor-quality labeling, mitigating recalls and label mix up. Operating globally, METTLER TOLEDO has installed systems across the world, and our expert support staff keeps systems running smoothly, providing regular maintenance. Manufacturers seeking to maximize vision inspection efficacy can benefit from our advanced training courses, which are aimed at unlocking the full potential of their vision inspection program. METTLER TOLEDO inspection solutions cover:

    •  Label and print inspection
    • Glass container and bottle inspection
    • Carton and box inspection
    • Tray and flat pack inspection
    • Rigid plastic container inspection
    • Filled bottle inspection
    • Content inspection and more

    Common inspections include: label position and presence, print quality, barcode readability and verification, closure presence, closure height and position (skewed cap), tamper band presence and integrity, container contamination, sealing surface integrity, neck thread formation, flashing and container integrity. Contact the METTLER TOLEDO team for more information on our machine vision inspection systems and how they operate.

    V24 Series
    V26 Series
    V27 Series
    V28 Series

    V24 Series for Round Package and Label Inspections

    V26 Series for Flat Package Integrity and Label Inspections

    V27 Series for Rigid Plastic Container Inspection

    V28 Series for Label Printing and Inspection

    The METTLER TOLEDO V24 series of vision inspection systems perform print and label quality inspections on round, un-oriented products.
    The METTLER TOLEDO V26 series of vision inspection systems perform critical print, label and package quality inspections on flat, oriented products.
    A comprehensive inspection solution for rigid plastic containers, ensuring proper formation and surface quality.
    The METTLER TOLEDO V28 series label systems both print and inspect product labels on the web to ensure label quality before application.
    Round, Un-oriented Packages
    Our unique un-oriented inspection techniques can locate and verify important label information regardless of product orientation.
    Print and Label Quality
    The V24 ensures the right label is present and looking its best.
    Flat, Oriented Packages
    Ensure print, label and package quality on flat, oriented products.
    Print Quality and Code Reading
    Ensure the presence and readability of important printed information.
    Inspection of Rigid Plastic Containers
    Ensure the proper formation of blown rigid plastic containers.
    Surface Contamination Detection
    Identify and remove containers with surface burns or other contamination.
    Standalone Printing and Inspection
    Quickly produce and verify product labels on the web using a single system
    Template Label Designs
    Product label templates allow for fast configuration of new label design and easy updating of variable information on labels.
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