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Pipeline Signature Metal Detector

Liquid/slurry/paste inspection.Pipeline metal detector controlled from a membrane style operator interface for the inspection of pumped food products.

High Sensitivity and Performance

Using tuned frequency technology with enhanced noise and vibration immunity, delivers high levels of sensitivity to detect more metal

Simple to Use and Robust Detector Design

Proven reliability. Simple, menu driven key panel. Finished in bead blast SS & sealed to IP66 for washdown applications

Maximum Uptime

Automatic balance control and on board fault monitoring combine to deliver a long-term stable operating platform to help support uptime

Material No.: 28015479

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Specifications - Pipeline Signature Metal Detector
Brand Protection
High sensitivity to Ferrous, Non-Fe & S/S metals
Essential (GFSI/FSMA)
Increased Productivity
World class reliability and long term performance
Cost Reduction
Stable operation with zero false rejects (FRR)
Ease of Use
Single setting operation with manual clustering
IP rating
Future Proof
Upgradable design to meet future requirements
Key Panel with LCD Display
Unparalleled Support
Global service capability and modular spare parts packs
Product Flow
Product Format
Pumped Liquid/Paste/Slurry
Assured Compliance
Supports FSMA & all GFSI codes incl. BRCGS & IFS
Detection Capability
Product Characteristic
Total Cost of Ownership
Long term reliability with zero false rejects
Environmental Robustness
Scalable options to suit the harshest environments
Bead Blast SS
HMI Display
Key panel
1 Frequency up to 800kHz
2 Frequencies up to 800kHz

Easy Integration

System integration is easier through the provision of specialized brackets, support frames and a variety of pipe fittings.

Optimized Configurations

A variety of pipe fittings can be supplied to ensure the throughput pipe can be securely connected to input and output pipes.

Comprehensive Rejection Options

We offer 3-way diverter valves and specialized reject devices, including piggable options and cutting valves for products containing solid elements.

Reliable, precise performance

Proven detector technology delivers excellent sensitivity and stability with optimised electronic and mechanical integration, for enhanced compliance.

Designed for efficiency

Heavy duty stainless steel, pneumatic reject valve with quick release couplings automatically removes metal contaminated products from the process flow.

Flexible Design Options

L-Series Pipeline systems are available in either a suspended or floor-mounted format and can be easily integrated into production lines.

Lifetime Service Support

METTLER TOLEDO Global Service capability can support you with correct installation, set-up, and maintainance, to maximize your return on investment.


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Pipeline Metal Detection Solutions Brochure | Free Download
METTLER TOLEDO Safeline’s Pipeline metal detection systems inspect pumped liquids, pastes, slurries and vacuum-filled products for metal contamination...

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Pipeline Signature Metal Detector