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Profile Advantage Metal Detector

For challenging applications.Safeline's most advanced food metal detector, which delivers up to 50 percent improved sensitivity when inspecting wet, hot, chilled, cooling, or metal film-packed products.

Maximum Sensitivity and Performance

Multi Simultaneous Frequency & Product Signal Suppression technology deliver exceptional sensitivity and virtually eliminate false rejects

Simple to Use and Improves OEE

Easy to use icon driven touchscreen with intuitive product clustering allows single setting operation to drive productivity and increase OEE.

Maximum Uptime

Condition Monitoring and automatic balance control combine to deliver a long-term stable operating platform to increase performance and improve uptime.

Material No.: 28015485

Profile Advantage
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Specifications - Profile Advantage Metal Detector
Brand Protection
Maximum sensitivity to Fe, Non-Fe & S/S metals
Essential (GFSI/FSMA)
Higher Level (Retailer)
Increased Productivity
World class reliability and OEE reporting
Cost Reduction
Stable operation with zero false rejects (FRR)
Ease of Use
Single setting operation with intuitive clustering
IP rating
Future Proof
Upgradable design to meet future requirements
Operating Mode
Multi-Simultaneous Frequency (10 modes)
User Access Log and Detection Log
data stored and displayed
Date and time stamped
Product Memory Facility
Stores up to 100 product names with rapid recall
Histogram and Vector Diagrams
Track product signal changes
monitor performance
Individual User Accounts
32 user accounts, selectable by job function
Product Display Data
Product Name display includes batch/code detail
Multiple Languages
26 selectable user account-specific languages
Unparalleled Support
Global service capability and modular spare parts packs
Product Flow
Assured Compliance
Supports FSMA & all GFSI codes incl. BRCGS & IFS
Product Characteristic
Metalized Film
Total Cost of Ownership
Long term reliability with zero false rejects
Environmental Robustness
Scalable options to suit the harshest environments
Bead Blast SS
Brushed SS
Automatic Performance Monitoring Alarm
Notifies when scheduled test is due/overdue
5.7" QVGA color touchscreen display
Detection Capability
Multi Simultaneous
Conveyor Integration
GC Series
Performance Verification Alarm
Automatic reminder when annual verification is due
Installation/Operation instructions and IPac
HMI Display
145mm (5.7 inch) color QVGA touchscreen display
Test Pieces Included
Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Stainless Steel
Multi-Simultaneous Frequency (10 modes)
Temperature Range - Operating/Storage
-10 to +45 degrees C / -10 to +50 degrees C
101 to 240 Volts AC (+10% / -15%)
Material Number(s)

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Profile Advantage Metal Detector372Profile Advantage Metal Detector373Profile Advantage Metal Detector374Profile Advantage Metal Detector375Profile Advantage Metal Detector376Profile Advantage Metal Detector377Profile Advantage Metal Detector378Profile Advantage Metal Detector379Profile Advantage Metal Detector380Profile Advantage Metal Detector381Profile Advantage Metal Detector382Profile Advantage Metal Detector383

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Extensively adaptable modular construction facilitates easy configurability as needs change. Reposition, replace, or upgrade, seamlessly.

Enhanced Efficiency, Safer Operation

Hazards designed out, safety features built in. Essential maintenance tasks simplified. Open-frame design for faster, more effective cleaning.

Reliable, precise performance

Proven detector technology delivers excellent sensitivity and stability with optimised electronic and mechanical integration, for enhanced compliance.

Maximum System Uptime

A single-supplier solution supports the best possible mechanical and electrical integration, for optimal system performance and uptime.

Designed for efficiency

Cleaning and sanitizing processes are simplified due to an open frame design, elimination of flat surfaces and the ability to remove modular parts.

Safer Operation

Key safety features such as guarding and lockout/tagout devices, protect operators during production and support safer maintenance practices.

Lifetime Service Support

METTLER TOLEDO Global Service capability can support you with correct installation, set-up, and maintainance, to maximize your return on investment.


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Profile Advantage Metal Detector Brochure | Free Download
Profile Advantage and Profile Advantage LS metal detectors are designed to be the most reliable piece of equipment on your production line.
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Global Conveyor (GC) Series Metal Detection Brochure | Free Download
Global Conveyor (GC) Series metal detection systems provide flexible inspection solutions to suit a wide range of conveyorized light to heavy product...

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Profile Advantage Metal Detection Systems

Profile Advantage Metal Detection Systems
Watch this video to discover how Profile Advantage delivers unrivalled levels of detection sensitivity to support an increase in users’ brand protection. Compliant with all major GFSI standards and retailer codes of practice, it simplifies the metal detection process to drive operational costs down and continuously monitors the sensitivity of the system allowing users to reduce the frequency in which they undertake Performance Monitoring testing.

Benefits of Profile Advantage

Benefits of Profile Advantage
Profile Advantage is ideal for wet, hot, chilled, cooling products or those packaged in metallised film. A breakthrough in Multi-Simultaneous Frequency (MSF) technology and Product Signal Suppression deliver up to 50% improved sensitivity on any challenging metal detection application to ensure brand protection, compliance, cost reduction, increased productivity and improved performance for food manufacturers.


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Profile Advantage Metal Detector