What is the difference between an office license and an instrument license?

An iControl single instrument license allows for the creation of new experiments and control of the instrument. An office license can be installed on a separate computer and used to review and analyze data from an experiment that has already been completed.

Can I control more than one instrument from the iControl computer?

Yes, iControl can be used to connect to and control up to four separate EasyMax, OptiMax, RX-10, or RC1mx reactor systems, however, this requires the purchase of the iControl multiple instrument control module. By default, an iControl single-instrument license only allows connection to one instrument. Adding the multiple instrument control allows four systems to be configured and simultaneously controlled from one computer.

What are the advantages of controlling my automated lab reactor with iControl versus controlling it with the touchscreen?

iControl Software is a door opener to a magnitude of applications. iControl allows seamless integration of process analytical technology (PAT) for crystallizationparticle size distribution, or fermentation. For process chemists, it expands the control capabilities for chemical synthesis, scaling up a chemical process, and is a core component to run reaction calorimetry for process safety.

What is the average iControl file size?

iControl files are generally under 20 MB each although they can be larger depending on the length of the experiment and whether advanced features like calorimetry are being used.

How can I be sure to get the latest version of iControl available?

ic software care

Stay up-to-date by ensuring that your iC Software is covered by a Software Care subscription. Users with a Software Care subscription will be proactively notified by email of any new releases and will have access to the downloads and licenses for any new versions released during their contract term.

iC software maintenance is included in the Software Care Standard offering. For additional enterprise-level features ask your METTLER TOLEDO representative about an iC Site License.

iControl Data Sheet

iControl Datasheet

iControl provides the tools to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the chemical reaction under study.

iC Software Care data sheet

iC Software Care Datasheet

iCare Software Maintenance includes all upgrades and maintenance releases for instrument or office versions.

ic data center data sheet

iC Data Center Datasheet

Improves productivity for the researcher while facilitating knowledge management for the organization.

easymax 102 advanced datasheet

EasyMax Advanced Datasheet (102, 102 LT, 402)

By replacing traditional round bottom flasks and jacketed lab reactors with EasyMax Advanced, scientists can quickly develop new synthetic routes, eliminate non-viable candidates earlier and improve reaction optimization.

rx-10 datasheet

RX-10 Reactor Control Datasheet

Connect jacketed reactors to cryostats, thermostats, stirrer motors, and sensors with RX-10.

rc1mx datasheet

RC1mx Reaction Calorimeter Datasheet

The RC1mx reaction calorimeter is the leading technology for process safety.