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Software iControl Single Instrument

Material nr.: 30721094

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Specifikationer - Software iControl Single Instrument
iControl™ programvara
RC1mx reaktionskalorimeter med höga prestanda; EasyMax och OptiMax arbetsstationer för syntes och RX-10 styrenhet
Multiinstrumentskontroll, HFCal (Varmströmskalorimetri)
30721094, 30721119

Available software packages
  • iControl EasyMaxTM V4.2 for instrument control
  • iControl EasyMaxTM V4.2 Office version


System Requirements
CharacteristicsMinimum (One iC/iControl Application)Minimum (Multiple iC/iControl Applications)
Operating SystemWindows® XP™ SP2
Windows® Vista or
Windows® 7 (64-bit version is only supported on office PC)
Windows® XP SP2
Windows® Vista (32-bit)
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo 2,2 GHz T7500 (Notebook) or Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz E4600 (Desktop)Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz T9300 (Notebook) or Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz E8300 (Desktop)
Memory2 GB3 GB
Hard DriveSATA 5400 rpmSATA 7200 rpm
GraphicsSXGA 1280x1024 with 3D hardware accelerationSXGA 1280x1024 with 3D hardware acceleration
Additional SoftwareInternet Explorer 7.0, Microsoft Office 2003Internet Explorer 7.0, Microsoft Office 2003
iControl EasyMaxiControl EasyMaxTM is an easy-to-use and extremely powerful software interface for EasyMaxTM.  Multiple reactor support, overview screens for all reactors, detailed information for each individual reactor, and simple interactions with the hardware are provided by the clearly arranged graphical interface.  Data storage makes experiments traceable which can be extremely important and substantially reduce the number of experiments.

Regardless of whether chemical development is in early stage development, reactions need to be optimized for an optimal performance, solvent screening or dangerous reactions are carried out, iControl EasyMaxTM helps maximize the capabilities of EasyMaxTM.

iControl EasyMaxTM helps make chemistry easier and perform tasks better.
Features and Benefits
  • Interactive user interface for direct control
  • Multiple reactor support
  • Independent experiments for maximum flexibility
  • Detail screens for individual reactors
  • Overview screens for multiple reactors
  • One-click change of key set points
  • Graphical and list view of the method
  • Fully pre-programmable methods
  • Built-in chemical database
  • Simple and powerful data handling
  • Comparison of different experiments
  • Comprehensive reports with one click
  • Data exchange with external applications
  • Bi-directional communication with iC IRTM and iC FBRMTM software


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Software iControl Single Instrument