Food & Beverage Laboratory Weighing Solutions
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Food Laboratory Weighing Solutions

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Optimize, Simplify and Future-Proof Your Food Processes

METTLER TOLEDO weighing solutions support food labs worldwide to maximize quality, safety, and productivity with solutions designed to unlock the power of science and technology to meet food industry demands. Our cutting-edge weighing equipment helps to ensure customer satisfaction.

Explore laboratory weighing solutions built for the food industry and help future-proof your food lab. It doesn't matter if you work in quality control, production, or R&D, our laboratory weighing instruments help you satisfy industry requirements for food processing, analysis, and quality control.


How Can You Improve Your Food Weighing Workflows?

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in the laboratory must uphold rigorous standards to guarantee the quality of the finished food and beverage products and thereby gain consumer confidence. Quality of food can be assured with thorough food testing. For tests involving weighing, this means using accurate weighing instruments, having consistent weighing workflows, and regular equipment calibration.  

Safety Compliance and Regulations

Food and beverage manufacturers must ensure the safety of their products for consumers. They must also ensure  the equipment and procedures in their food testing laboratories meet the requirements of the latest regulations.  


Recipe Development

In recipe development, characteristics of the final food product are proposed, tested, and refined, including attributes such as taste, texture, and color. To create delicious products, precise measurements, an understanding of formulation principles, and using the right food weighing instruments are key.  


How to Perform Formulation on MS-TS Balances

How to Perform Formulation on MS-TS Balances


Ensuring maximum throughput in the food testing laboratory helps ensure maximum productivity on the factory floor. By using tried and tested techniques and reliable equipment, food labs can streamline their processes and boost productivity. 


New Trends in the Food and Beverage Industry

New trends in the food and beverage industry are being driven by the rise of conscious consumers, mindful purchasing decisions, and ethical and environmentally friendly requirements. Trends, such as meat and dairy alternatives, plant-based foods, and functional food, amongst many others, are shaping the future of the food industry. Learn more about food trends in laboratories:

1. Emerging trends that shape the food industry and the food laboratory workflows

2. The plant-based food trend is driven by health, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare concerns. METTLER TOLEDO laboratory instruments help you to efficiently carry out ingredient analysis and formulation, including the accurate evaluation of raw materials and novel ingredients and the moisture analysis in meat alternatives.

3. Functional foods deliver well-being benefits and offer nutrients that boost immunity and help protect against disease. The accelerating functional food trend is expected to be long-term. Our laboratory weighing instruments for food analysis can help you conduct the analyses needed to prove the health benefits of your products.