Checkweigher for Wet & Harsh Environments

Checkweigher for Wet & Harsh Environments
Checkweigher for Wet & Harsh Environments
Checkweigher for Wet & Harsh Environments


What is meant by washdown environment?

A washdown environment is one in which equipment is subjected to regular cleaning utilizing high pressure water at high temperatures and cleaning detergents with caustic characteristics.

What is an IP rating?

The IP rating was developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission to define the level of ingress protection against both solid and liquid intrusion on an electrical cabinet. The first digit deals with solid matter (i.e. dust), while the second deals with water. IP69 means the electrical cabinet is dust tight and protected against high temperature water jets.

Are there other ratings related to washdown?

There are a number of other industry bodies which have similar standards for washdown – the most well known of these is those published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, or NEMA. The NEMA rating goes beyond just water and dust protection, however, and takes into account wider environmental factors, including corrosion resistance and ability to contain an explosion. Our checkweighers are rated NEMA 4X, meaning they are resistant to water and corrosion.

Can these washdown checkweighers be used as critical control points?

While a washdown checkweigher by itself does not satisfy the requirements for a critical control point, combination systems which include a metal detection head can serve as critical control points on the production line, ensuring accurate weighing while also identifying and removing products with metal contamination.

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