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What's the difference between mark & verify and serialization?

Mark & verify refers to the process of marking (printing) information to a package and verifying (inspecting) it to ensure the package is correctly presented. Presence, Quality or Reference checks are available for the marking and verifying process. Choose our solutions for applications such as batch constant verification processes, or to verify the print quality of product codes, text or images. The collected data (images, rejected product info or errors) is stored locally on the system and can be retrieved if necessary for auditing purposes.

Serialization consists of applying a unique identifying number to a product for the individual salable unit. This number is recorded by software subsequently connected to a central database. Third party vendors, retailers, or government authorities will have access to this database in order to check the authenticity of a product. Since the data collected is stored centrally, it can also be retrieved for auditing very easily

Why choose Mark & Verify?

Using Mark & Verify allows you to setup additional quality control checks for your manufacturing processes, without the significant investment of software integration into existing processes. The Mark & Verify systems maintain local storage (still in support of compliance for auditing), but without the needed complexity to tie in with MES or ERP systems for serialization data.  Use for inspections where typical packaging or labeling errors occur – install after labeling processes or where print heads require frequent cleaning to ensure you catch issues early.

For those with serialization processes in place from METTLER TOLEDO, the software provides a familiar interface for users already trained on the PLM software. Additionally, by using the Mark & Verify systems, you can easily upgrade as your needs change.

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How do I upgrade from PLM Mark & Verify to PLM Serialization?

Since the user interface is built on the PLM platform, the upgrade from PLM Mark & Verify to PLM Serialization is easy for existing operators. With every project from METTLER TOLEDO, we work with you to outline the core requirements following four steps for project management: 1) Consultation, 2) Project Definition, 3) Implementation and 4) Operations Support. Throughout this process, we offer a comprehensive review of processes, regulations, security considerations and budget to ensure you receive the right solution to suit your business.

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