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What is bottle serialization?

Bottle serialization is the marking of a bottle, vial or other round container on the production line with a unique identifying number. Serialization numbers are printed on the surface of the container or on a label applied to the container. Printed codes must be in machine-readable formats such as a 1D or 2D barcode as well as being human readable.

What steps are involved in bottle serialization?

There are numerous challenges to printing serialization codes on a curved surface or printing on a label that may be applied to a bottle. Manufacturers printing codes directly to the container must consider the type of ink (or laser marking), the bottle surface, the curvature of the container and the quality of the camera used to inspect the printed information. For printing on labels and then applied to bottles, the process involves the use of labelers and additional steps for product handling, which may contribute to smeared ink or mislabeling.

One way to overcome these challenges is to use a Smart Camera 360 that can inspect the entirety of a bottle surface. Built in a 360° rotation in a stainless steel enclosure, the configuration of six image sensors can capture a complete circumference image of the bottle. Discover the advantages of our T63 Integrated 360 Serialization system.

Why choose bottle serialization over carton serialization?

Bottles or vials for pharmaceutical distribution have typically been packaged into cartons, which are then serialized, as it is easier to print on a carton than a curved bottle. However, as manufacturing trends adapt, serialization directly on the bottle eliminates the need to perform additional packaging steps for serialization into cartons. This can reduce packaging bulk and processes, plus it also provides the added confidence that what is in the bottle is the correct medicine. 

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