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    V26 Series - Vision Inspection Solutions

    Vision Inspection Systems for Flat, Square Cartons and Oriented Packaged Products


    V26 Series

    Effective Label Quality Control
    A poor-quality product package can do a significant amount of damage to a manufacturer's reputation. Mislabeled products can even result in government fines and recalls which result in dissatisfied and lost customers. A vision inspection program can eliminate mislabeling issues and other package quality defects from the production line, ensuring the packaging quality and improving efficiency. Vision inspection systems inspect every product on the line as it is produced, removing any products which fail to meet quality standards.

    The V26 series provides the foundation upon which an effective vision inspection program can be built. Manufacturers of all sizes can find a system which will meet their specific inspection needs with the flexibility needed to expand along with their business. With the V26 series, manufacturers of flat, oriented packaging can ensure the print and label quality of products as they are produced. An easy-to-use interface and granular administrative controls help cut down on operator error; ensuring inspection settings are not accidentally changed.

    Working with METTLER TOLEDO
    Unlike other vision system providers, METTLER TOLEDO inspection systems come with a global support network, allowing installations worldwide. Manufacturers will find that working with METTLER TOLEDO means working with an expert provider who will strive to meet their needs by any means necessary. Every project runs through its own dedicated project manager who serves as the point of contact between the larger METTLER TOLEDO support apparatus and the customer.

    Manufacturers who choose a METTLER TOLEDO vision inspection system not only gain a highly accurate, high-speed inspection system, they gain access to a statistics suite that can be used to see where failures on the production line are occurring, and the system can be programmed to send shutdown signals or set off an alarm after a set number of patterned failures, reducing wasted product and saving time and money.

    Products and Specs
    Vision Inspection Guide
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