Autosampler - automated sample preparation solution QS30

    Autosampler (QS30)

    Automated sample preparation


    Boost Productivity in Your Lab - with High Troughput Dispensing

    The Quantos autosampler system is the perfect solution for preparing batches of up to 30 powdered samples in one fully automated run. From 1 mg up to several grams of powder can be weighed out automatically. Automated powder dosing with quantos autosampler is much faster than dosing manually, making huge time savings for your lab. In addition, while the autosampler is at work, your staff can focus on other tasks. Highly flexible, the autosampler system has the unique ability to dose different amounts per vial and records the fill weight in one step. Automated dosing with Quantos is highly accurate and reproducible, even when using small capsules or electrostatically charged substances.

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