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Reliable and rugged low cost scales at an affordable price

A basic industrial floor scale is an affordable platform that supports simple weighing applications in manufacturing environments. These scales deliver accurate and reliable measurement results without the added cost of features that are not required for basic weighing processes such as simple weighing, basic checkweighing, basic counting, and accumulation. Basic floor scales can weigh up to 3000 kg (6600 lbs), and the durable carbon or stainless steel construction ensures long-term use.

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Are you looking for cheap floor scales?

You should really be looking for affordable floor scales. Don´t be fooled into thinking that a low cost floor scale is saving you money. Not all basic industrial scales are the same. Cheap floor scales are likely to end up costing your company far more over the lifetime of the basic industrial floor scale. If you purchase cheap floor scales or a low price floor scale then you can also expect low performance and low accuracy.

Can your business afford the long-term costs associated with cheap floor scales? If your basic floor scale has an inappropriate accuracy and resolution, you may be giving your customers more than what they are paying for and your business is losing money. However, you also don´t know if the low cost floor scale is giving your customers less than what they paid for and this puts your company´s reputation at risk. Looking at basic industrial floor scales from an overall economical perspective, are cheap floor scales a good choice? These basic industrial floor scales from METTLER TOLEDO are also affordable scales with high quality to ensure that your business has the highest amount of uptime, efficiency and output.


Are you looking for an economic floor scale?

A basic industrial floor scale from METTLER TOLEDO is suitable for a variety of industries, environments and applications and provides the reliability your business needs without the extra features that can increase price. These more affordable scales are better referred to as an economical floor scale and are easy to use straight out of the box.


Which brand of floor scale is good?

When trying to find out which brand of floor scale is good, you really need to consider more than just the basic floor scale. At METTLER TOLEDO it is not just about selling a basic floor scale. We also offer extremely good customer service.

We want to not only make sure that you choose the correct low cost floor scale for your application but also help ensure that this low price floor scale is functioning properly over its entire useful life. So, which brand of floor scale is good? The brand that cares about your low price floor scale making your entire production process more efficient; METTLER TOLEDO.


Which electronic floor scale suits my application?

A METTLER TOLEDO electronic floor scale can be used for many types of applications: production, warehouse and logistics, packaging, quality control, straight weighing and animal weighing applications. An electronic floor scale can be a portable battery-powered basic floor scale or a stationary basic waterproof floor scale. Your local METTLER TOLEDO sales representative can guide you through a science-based approach to select the basic floor scale that best suits your application.