PowerDeck™ Digital Floor Scales for Sale | METTLER TOLEDO

PowerDeck™ floor scales combine proven POWERCELL® digital load cell technology with a rugged platform design.

By implementing POWERCELL digital technology, PowerDeck addresses 4 key areas of improvement over traditional analog floor scales, including:

  • Real-time Operator Guidance: Detecting and alerting operators when product is improperly loaded, guiding users to optimal load placement. This feature helps to avoid uneven filling, spills, inaccurate weighments and bad batches.
  • Durable Platform that Holds Its Optimal Accuracy: No longer must you move from scale to scale depending on batch size and needed accuracy. Weigh multiple batch sizes on a single platform with PowerDeck and calibrate only when needed.
  • Reduced Cost to Maintain: By removing the junction box and creating a system that is fully waterproof, maintenance costs for break-fixes are drastically reduced.
  • Visibility into Scale Health through Condition Monitoring: Real-time alerts for shock-loading and temperature fluctuation provide users increased visibility to scale health – ensuring accurate and reliable weighing.

Are smart floor scales worth it?

Yes, smart floor scales such as METTLER TOLEDO PowerDeck PFD779 floor scales are generally considered to be worth any extra cost at the time of purchase. Primarily, this is because smart scales can reduce weighing errors by guiding operators to use the scale correctly. This eliminates errors such as corner-load errors or other in-use errors to minimize overall costs in production and provide a quicker return on investment.

Are your PowerDeck scales available with complete specs and options for real-time weight integration into an ERP inventory system?

Yes, our PowerDeck scale systems are connected to IND570 indicators which can connect to our Data+ app in PC which can then be connected to an ERP system. Please contact your local METTLER TOLEDO representative to discuss how we can serve your application.