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Mild Steel Floor Scales for Manufacturing

Accurate, Reliable Weighing for Everyday Operations

Mild steel floor scales come in a variety of models and options to handle your heaviest loads in tough industrial environments. Choose from floor scales designed for high-capacity weighing, hazardous area use, or easy mobility throughout your facility. These floor scales are OIML and NTEP-approved for legal-for-trade applications and enable easy handling of loads up to 12,000 kg.

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High Precision Scales in Action

When you must fulfill tight tolerances, these platforms provide the accuracy you need. Watch the video to learn how the platform design enables the highest precision in production environments and how this can help you improve your weighing processes and ensure consistent quality, increase productivity and meet regulations. Watch the Video Read more

PowerDeckTM Floor Scales

Real-Time Operator Guidance

In tough industry applications, not only do you have the challenge to improve efficiency but also need to avoid defective products. In daily weighing activities, standard analog floor scales do not have the capability to warn you of possible errors. METTLER TOLEDO’s new generation floor scale Powerdeck™ delivers Real-Time Operator Guidance to help you operate efficiently and without errors. Read more

Watch the video of PFA584/589 Floor scales

At METTLER TOLEDO, we know the needs of every industry are different, which is why the PFA5 is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We have taken the pain out of the floor scale procurement process by creating an easy-to-order, globally standardized set of components that can easily be mixed-and-matched to formulate your ideal scale. Read more

Functional Design

Functional Design

Installing floor scales in pits is beneficial to allow easy loading and unloading of material on the ground level. The pit frames, which are available as an accessory for all floor scales, ensure short installation time and easy positioning and leveling. Read more

See how Powerdeck™ Increases Production Yields

This series of short videos gives quick insights into how Powerdeck™ can improve effiiciency and avoid defective products. Your production yield will increase through faster processing, increased precision, and elimination of measurment errors. Read more

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FAQs - Floor Scales

What is the difference between a stainless steel and mild steel floor scale?

METTLER TOLEDO offers different manufacturing materials and finishes to protect the platforms in any industrial environment. A stainless-steel floor scale is used in industries such as food and pharma and is entirely rustproof and acid-proof. Neither humid and wet environmental conditions, nor regular cleaning pose a problem. Mild steel floor scales are robust solutions for dry area applications in logistics and MPE industries.

What industries use mild steel floor scales?

Mild steel floor scales are designed for weighing in dry environments and industries that require durable, reliable equipment. This includes manufacturing, bulk materials, and non-wet weighing applications across the chemical and food segments.

What are the types of mild steel floor scales?

Mild steel floor scales come in a variety of models, including analog or digital scales, low-profile scales, mobile scales, and more. Contact your local METTLER TOLEDO representative for support with selecting the right mild steel floor scale for your application.

What kind of floor should I put my mild steel scale on?

Mild steel scales can be installed directly on the ground or in a pit. The foundation at the installation location must be capable of safely supporting the weight of the floor scale with its maximum load. The ground should be strong and even, and there should not be any strong vibrations in the environment so that you can ensure reliable weighing results.

How often should mild steel floor scales be calibrated?

Typically, floor scales are calibrated once a year, but the frequency depends on your SOP. Please reach out to METTLER TOLEDO to learn more about our service offering best suited to your needs.

Why buy METTLER TOLEDO mild steel floor scales?

METTLER TOLEDO offers different types of mild steel floor scales such as low-profile scales with a broad range of options for configuration, accessories and connectivity to find the ideal solution to meet your needs. Our expert consultants are available to help you ensure the scale is fit-for-purpose and to help you achieve your production goals utilizing the Good Weighing Practice™ risk-based approach.