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How do I install my floor scale with ramp?

To install your floor scale with ramp, first select an installation location with flat, even ground that is not impacted by vibrations from surrounding machinery or activity.  Lift the weighing platform off the transport pallet with a crane, block and tackle or similar equipment and set it down at the installation location. Level the weighing platform, and insert the ramp(s) into the base platform.

Follow the instructions provided with the indicator for mounting and supplying power to the unit. Route the connection cable to the indicator so that it is protected from possible damage.

Check the scale to make sure that it is working properly. Place a known load or test weight equal to half the scale’s rated capacity on the platform. If the recommended test weight is not available, use as much weight as possible to verify proper operation. If the scale indicator reads incorrectly, contact your local METTLER TOLEDO authorized representative for help.

For specific step-by-step instructions to install your floor scale and ramp, refer to the installation manual for the specific model you have purchased.

What are the types of floor scales with ramp?

Any METTLER TOLEDO floor scale can be paired with a ramp, so you can meet the requirements of your application and environment. Choose from hygienically designed, hazardous area-approved, or any other type of floor scale; then select the ramp that matches the construction you have selected.

Which model of floor scale with ramps is best suited to my industrial application?

Finding the scale that is best suited for your environment depends on a variety of factors including the minimum weight of your process, accuracy requirements, and production environment. For heavy washdown applications, we offer stainless steel floor scales with ramps. If you operate in a Zone 1 / 21 or Zone 2 / 22 hazardous area, we offer globally approved floor scales for safe operation. 

For support to select the best floor scale with ramps for your specific need, we offer Good Weighing Practice™ (GWP®) Recommendations that match your requirements to our equipment capabilities. Contact your local METTLER TOLEDO representative to learn more.

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