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Low-Profile Floor Scales

Easy Loading Without Costly Installation

Low-profile floor scales are weighing platforms with heights as low as 35 mm, which are ideal for accurate weighing of drums, carts, small mixing vats and more in rugged industrial environments. Low-profile floor scales do not require costly pit installation, and short approach ramps for comfortable and easy loading are also available to customize your scale to meet your application requirements.

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What are industrial low-profile floor scales? What are the types of low-profile floor scales?

Low-profile floor scales offer easy weighing of heavy loads without costly pit construction because they lay flat on your production floor. You can achieve effortless movement of loads on and off the scale with short ramps to save time and energy.

Choose from models with liftable platforms for streamlined cleaning of the bottom of the scale and the floor or models with built-in wheels for easy mobility around the production area.

METTLER TOLEDO’s hygienic low-profile scales are characterized by their easy-to-clean, EHEDG-friendly and GMP-compliant designs, which prevent potential sources of contamination.

Which is the best low-profile floor scale for my application?

When a conventional pit-frame scale is not an option or low-passage height is critical for your operation, consider low-profile floor scales. The best type of low-profile floor scale will depend on your environment and the application requirements. If you need a mobile scale to use in multiple areas throughout your facility, choose a low-profile floor scale with wheels that can be placed where you need it or moved out of the way when you do not. If you require an easy-to-clean scale for a hygienic workplace, look into stainless steel options with easy-lift functionality that will facilitate simplified cleaning processes. In dry environments, you can select cost-effective, painted steel low-profile floor scales. There are also low-profile floor scales designed with safety in mind for hazardous area weighing applications. Consult your local METTLER TOLEDO representative for support with selecting the right low-profile floor scale for you.

Who manufactures low-profile floor scales?

METTLER TOLEDO manufactures a variety of low-profile floor scales and ultra-low-profile floor scales at heights as low as 35 mm.

Where can I buy a drum floor scale?

Low-profile floor scales are the best option if you are looking for a drum floor scale because they are easy to load and unload without causing significant strain to your operators. Install the optional ramps to make drum weighing easy. For support with selecting a drum floor scale or low-profile floor scale, contact your location METTLER TOLEDO representative.

What are the maximum weight capacities of your low-profile floor scale?

The low-profile floor scales from METTLER TOLEDO offer capacities up to 3000 kg or 5000 lbs.

What is the height of a low-profile floor scale?

METTLER TOLEDO offers low-profile floor scales with heights ranging from 35 mm to 67 mm.

What are the low-profile floor scales approved for hazardous areas?

The PUA579x floor scale from METTLER TOLEDO is approved for use in Zone 1/21 hazardous areas (FM, CSA, Ex, ATEX). The PUA579 platform can also be used in Zone 2/22 hazardous areas. The availability of low-profile floor scales for hazardous areas depends on your region and regulations. 

Does your low-profile floor scale system offer Ethernet/IP connection?

The connectivity of your floor scale depends on the indicator or terminal that is connected to the low-profile platform. Most METTLER TOLEDO indicators have Ethernet/IP connectivity. Please consult your local METTLER TOLEDO representative to select the full solution that meets your connectivity requirements.