Accelerated Process Development

Using an Advanced Flow Reactor

Process development focused on continuous processes can utilize many of the same tools used in traditional batch processes. Nalas Engineering develops continuous processes through sound chemical engineering principles that are fed using data from in situ and offline tools. This webinar discusses the use of continuous flow chemistry with process analytical technology (PAT) to expedite process development. 

This webinar has particular focus on the theory behind continuous processing, methods used to accelerate development, tools used to  generate data and scalability of an advanced flow reactor. 

What controls the rate of our process? What is the smallest rate constant?

  • Reaction Kinetics/Chemistry or Physics (Scale-Independent)
    • Rate of Chemical or Physical Reaction
    • Function of Concentration, Temperature: Reaction System
  • Mixing (Scale Dependent)
    • Mixing Rate = Speeding Up the Transport of Molecules: Macro, Meso, Micro
    • Function of Equipment + Reaction System
  • Mass Transfer (Scale-Dependent)
    • Rate of Diffusion Process of a Molecule In or Between Liquid Phase(s)
    • Function of Concentration, Pressure and kLa: Equipment + Reaction System
  • Heat Transfer (Scale-Dependent)
    • Rate of Energy Transfer in Form of Heat: Heat Generation (Reaction)
    • Heat Removal Rate = Function of Tr,Tj, U: Equipment + Reaction System

Process - rate determines yield, quality, safety

About the Presenter

Jerry Salan

Jerry Salan

Nalas Engineering

Jerry Salan started his career working as a contractor and then civil servant for the US Navy. His primary responsibilities included managing the production of torpedo fuel and developing processes to novel energetic materials. He successfully scaled up dozens of materials to pilot scale with the help of his fellow scientists and operators. He was fortunate to develop several continuous processing that produced hundreds of kilograms of explosives. In 2007, Jerry worked at Pfizer Inc. in Groton, Connecticut where his focus remained on developing continuous process in the pharma arena. In 2010, Jerry started Nalas with the goal to support small and large pharma business and continue developing processes for the military. He has a 20,000 square foot facility stocked with equipment to support your needs.