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Conveyor Belt X-ray Machines

High detection sensitivity and reliability

A conveyor belt x-ray machine is an advanced system that detects unwanted physical contaminants in food and pharmaceutical products. With our range of innovative conveyor belt x-ray inspection machines, we provide unparalleled dependability and product safety. Because of their exceptional detection sensitivity and software capabilities, contaminants can be quickly removed at the source before further value is added, reducing product loss and saving costs.

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What are the benefits of using a conveyor belt x-ray machine in food and pharmaceutical production lines?

For product inspection in the food industry and quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers use conveyor belt x-ray inspection systems to maximize product safety and quality. These advanced systems are able to detect physical contaminants in products while simultaneously performing a wide range of in-line quality control checks. Installing an x-ray inspection system with a conveyor helps to protect the brand and reputation of manufacturers while avoiding the risk of potentially expensive product recalls.

How safe is the use of conveyor belt x-ray machines in food or pharmaceutical products?

The radiation dose levels used for conveyorized industrial x-ray inspection in the food and pharmaceutical industries are extremely low and have no effect on product safety, flavor, or texture. The use of conveyor belt x-ray inspection equipment is highly regulated and is becoming increasingly common. Modern conveyor belt x-ray systems are perfectly safe in working environments as long as recommended safety guidance is followed.

What is a conveyor belt x-ray machine, and how does it work?

conveyor belt x-ray inspection system

In industrial settings, a conveyor belt x-ray inspection machine plays a crucial role in product inspection by detecting physical contaminants or defects in products as they progress along a conveyor belt in production. The system operates by emitting a safe dose of x-ray radiation through the products, allowing it to view contamination and defects by density changes made visible by the x-rays. An image is generated on the detector screen that is subsequently analyzed to identify any foreign objects or anomalies. By utilizing this technology, manufacturers can swiftly and dependably inspect their products, thereby upholding product integrity and meeting safety standards.

How do I determine what the appropriate conveyor belt x-ray inspection machine is for my production facility?

Determining the appropriate conveyorized x-ray inspection system requires considering several factors, including the type of product being inspected, its size and packaging, the desired inspection speed, the level of detection sensitivity required, and any specific industry regulations or guidelines that need to be met.

Why not consult with our conveyor belt x-ray inspection system experts who can assess your requirements and provide tailored recommendations for confidence that you are selecting the most suitable system for your needs?

Boost your productivity with METTLER TOLEDO smart x-ray inspection solutions

Boost your productivity with METTLER TOLEDO smart x-ray inspection solutions
Safeline X-ray Inspection systems from METTLER TOLEDO go beyond contamination detection to help improve product quality and enhance brand protection by safety detecting and rejecting unwanted physical contaminants within food and pharmaceutical products, regardless of their shape or location.

Can conveyor belt x-ray inspection systems make food, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics radioactive?

No, the x-rays used in conveyor belt x-ray inspection systems are a form of electromagnetic radiation that does not cause materials, including foods and medicines, to become radioactive. Additionally, the radiation levels used in industrial x-ray inspection systems on conveyors are low and do not alter the nutritional value or taste of food, nor the efficacy or safety of pharmaceuticals.