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Chicken Bone X-ray Inspection Systems

Chicken Bone X-ray Inspection Systems

Enhanced detection sensitivity and outstanding quality control

A chicken bone x-ray inspection system detects bone, cartilage, and other foreign contaminants in packaged poultry products. Our x-ray systems can detect low- and high-density bones in tenders, breasts, and both shredded and minced meat, no matter their shape or location, and will assist your business in meeting strict food industry regulations. They offer high detection sensitivity, user-friendly features, and powerful software, making bone detection and removal easier than ever before.

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What are the benefits of using chicken bone x-ray inspection systems to inspect for bones in poultry production lines?

Poultry manufacturers use chicken bone x-ray inspection systems to maximize product quality and safety. These advanced systems are able to detect physical contaminants, such as calcified bone, in poultry products while simultaneously performing a wide range of in-line quality control checks. Installing a chicken bone x-ray inspection system - such as a dual energy x-ray inspection system - helps to protect the brand and reputation of poultry manufacturers while avoiding the risk of potentially expensive product recalls.

X-ray inspection for chicken bones

How safe is the use of chicken bone x-ray inspection in the poultry industry?

The radiation dose levels used for detecting chicken bones with x-ray inspection are extremely low and have no effect on product safety, flavor, or texture. The use of industrial x-ray inspection equipment in the poultry industry is highly regulated and is becoming increasingly common. Modern chicken bone x-ray inspection systems are perfectly safe in working environments as long as recommended safety guidance is followed.

How does an industrial x-ray inspection system detect chicken bones in food?

X-ray Inspection System for Pumped Chicken

X-ray Inspection System for Pumped Chicken
The X38 X-ray system is designed to inspect pumped food products, typically liquids, slurries, pastes, processed meats and poultry before final packaging.

Our chicken bone x-ray inspection systems use advanced imaging technology to scan food products such as poultry for foreign objects like chicken bones. The system analyzes the x-ray images and employs sophisticated algorithms to identify bone-like structures based on density and shape, allowing for accurate detection and rejection of physical contamination in products.

Are chicken bone x-ray inspection systems suitable for the pet food industries?

Yes, METTLER TOLEDO Safeline X-ray Inspection systems can cater to any industry involved in processing raw meat or food ingredients. Specifically, they can effectively detect chicken bones and other foreign objects in various types of products, enhancing the safety and quality of both human and pet food.

Additionally, our industrial x-ray inspection systems for chicken bone detection come with an ingress rating of IP65 as standard, with IP69 available, and are hygienically built with sloped surfaces to avoid pooled water which can contribute to bacterial growth.

What is a dual-energy x-ray detector, and how does it enhance poultry bone detection in manufacturing?

A dual-energy x-ray detector, which is used in our DXD and DXD+ X-ray Inspection lines, uses two different energy levels of x-rays to obtain more detailed information about the scanned objects. This enhances the inspection process by providing better material discrimination, enabling the system to differentiate the product from low-density contaminants such as bones, thus supporting inspection accuracy and reducing the likelihood of false rejections.

Introducing the Most Advanced X-ray Technology from METTLER TOLEDO: DXD and DXD+

Introducing the Most Advanced X-ray Technology from METTLER TOLEDO: DXD and DXD+
Introducing the DXD and DXD+ dual energy detectors, which can be fully integrated into the X35 and X36 X-ray systems. Capable of detecting hard-to-find contaminants, these highly advanced technologies support brand protection and compliance, even in the most challenging applications. Find out more at