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Pharmaceutical X-ray Inspection Systems

Pharmaceutical X-ray Inspection Systems

Protect the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical x-ray inspection system detects physical contaminants as well as damaged and missing components and fill levels in pharmaceutical products. Our x-ray inspection systems can inspect a wide range of pharmaceuticals, including tablets, pills and capsules, and various supplements and vitamins packaged in jars, bags, blister packs and other containers. Our innovative solutions help you to safeguard your brand, protect consumers and comply with industry standards.

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What are the benefits of using a pharmaceutical x-ray inspection system in pharma production lines?

Pharmaceutical manufacturers use quality inspection equipment such as x-ray inspection systems to maximize product quality and safety. These advanced systems are able to detect physical contaminants in pharmaceuticals while simultaneously performing a wide range of in-line quality control checks. Installing a pharma x-ray inspection system helps to protect the brand and reputation of manufacturers while avoiding the risk of potentially expensive product recalls.

How safe is the use of industrial x-ray inspection in pharmaceutical products?

The radiation dose levels used for industrial x-ray inspection in the pharmaceutical industry are extremely low and have no effect on product safety, flavor or texture. The use of pharmaceutical x-ray inspection equipment is highly-regulated, and is becoming increasingly common. Modern pharmaceutical x-ray inspection systems are perfectly safe in working environments as long as recommended safety guidance is followed. 

Is x-ray inspection safe on pharmaceutical products?

What types of pharmaceutical products can be inspected using x-ray inspection technology?

Types of pharmaceuticals inspected by x-ray

Pharmaceutical x-ray inspection technology is highly versatile and applicable to various pharma products, supplements, and vitamins. It can be used to inspect pharmaceuticals in solid dosage forms (e.g. tablets, capsules), powders, and liquids, and can inspect a variety of packaging types (e.g. glass or plastic pill bottles, liquid filled bottles, cardboard boxes). This provides an effective solution for physical contaminant detection and quality assurance across a range of pharmaceutical items.

Why should x-ray inspection be used in the pharmaceutical industry?

Maintaining quality and integrity in the pharmaceutical industry is of the utmost importance. By detecting physical contaminants and product defects, such as broken tablets or incorrect fill levels, x-ray inspection technology helps prevent the distribution of faulty or unsafe products. It also contributes to regulatory compliance, protects consumer health, and protects the reputation of pharmaceutical companies.

Can x-ray inspection equipment for pharmaceuticals be customized to meet specific manufacturing requirements?

Boost your productivity with our smart x-ray inspection solutions

Boost your productivity with our smart x-ray inspection solutions
Boost your productivity with our smart x-ray inspection solutions that go beyond contamination detection to improve product quality and enhance brand protection.

METTLER TOLEDO offers customizable x-ray inspection solutions such as conveyor configurations, software integration, and the ability to simultaneously inspect different product types and sizes. By working closely with our service experts, pharmaceutical companies can be confident that the pharmaceutical x-ray inspection systems align with their production processes, product requirements, and regulatory obligations.

If you think a customized system is required for your production line, or you need to meet specific manufacturing requirements, please contact us for more information about pharmaceutical x-ray inspection.

How do pharmaceutical x-ray inspection machines work?

Pharmaceutical x-ray inspection machines consist of an x-ray source, detectors, and imaging software. The x-ray source emits a controlled beam of x-rays which passes through the object being inspected. The detectors capture the x-rays that pass through, and the resulting data is then processed by built-in software to create an image highlighting any irregularities or contaminants. X-rays that pass through the product do not alter product safety or quality. They provide safe identification of quality, integrity or contamination risks so that only safe products reach the end consumer. 

How does pharmaceutical x-ray inspection work?