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Quick Ship Program for Fast Delivery of Inspection Equipment

Meet product demand with rapid checkweighing and x-ray inspection delivery programs

METTLER TOLEDO has launched a Quick Ship Program for some of its popular checkweighing and x-ray inspection equipment to speed up delivery lead times to its customers.

The Quick Ship C33 PlusLine Checkweigher, and X33 and X34 x-ray inspection systems are dispatched 10-15 working days from receipt of order, helping manufacturers meet increasing product demands from retailers.

Quicker delivery helps meet retailer demands

The demand for eat-at-home food has increased and manufacturers need to continue to deliver safe, high quality food to retailers with greater throughputs than ever before. The programme allows manufacturers to add a new C33 PlusLine Checkweigher to their production line (or replace an existing weighing solution) within a streamlined, rapid design and delivery process.

The X33 and X34 Quick Ship systems are ideal for manufacturers requiring a fast, efficient solution to inspect their small and medium sized packaged products at a throughput rate of up to 300 products per minute.

Configure-to-order gives greater flexibility

Customers don't have to compromise their production needs with a standardised machine under the new delivery program. The Quick Ship checkweighing and x-ray inspection machines come with a range of configurable options to provide flexibility for manufacturers' production lines.

The C33 PlusLine Quick Ship Checkweighers are dispatched within 15 working days and available in six configurations including two conveyor widths (200mm or 300mm), two conveyor lengths (300mm or 400mm), 7" or 12" HMIs and air blast or pusher sorting mechanisms. The checkweighers have a throughput of up to 300 packs per minute, and a weighing range from 7 g to 7.5 kg.

The X33 and X34 Quick Ship x-ray inspection systems are dispatched within 10 working days and available in either 800mm or 1800m length, line heights of 850mm, 950mm and 1050mm plus detector widths of 300mm or 400mm.

All Quick Ship machines are available with a range of due diligence features and support ProdX Data Management Software, with connectivity options such as OPC-UA for transmission of weigh data, statistical records and article management.

Spare Parts Give Additional Confidence

X-ray spare parts can also be fast tracked to manufacturers requiring back-up components to be on-site quickly. This further reduces the business risks associated with downtime and provides additional confidence for manufacturers that contingency plans for maximum uptime have been carried out.

Please contact your local sales representative for more information on the Quick Ship Programme or for further details on lead times for non-standard configurations.

Click here for more information on the X-ray Quick Ship Program.

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