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Automated X-ray Inspection Systems

Automated X-ray Inspection Systems

High performance contamination detection

Automated x-ray inspection systems are sophisticated machines that detect physical contaminants in products. Our Safeline X-ray Inspection systems are automated and can be installed at various stages of a production line to quickly inspect food and pharmaceutical goods for contaminants such as metals, glass, stones, and more. Their enhanced automation capabilities and high detection sensitivity mean you can reduce inspection errors, increase operational efficiency, and significantly cut costs.

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What are the benefits of using automated x-ray inspection systems in food and pharmaceutical production lines?

For product inspection of food and beverages, as well as quality assurance of pharmaceuticals and quality inspection of cosmetics and personal care items, manufacturers use automated x-ray inspection systems to maximize product quality and safety. These advanced systems are able to detect physical contaminants in products while simultaneously performing a wide range of in-line quality control checks. Installing an automated x-ray inspection system helps to protect the brand and reputation of manufacturers while avoiding the risk of potentially expensive product recalls.

How safe is the use of an automated x-ray inspection system in food or pharmaceutical products?

The radiation dose levels used in automated x-ray inspection for the food and pharmaceutical industries are extremely low and have no effect on product safety, flavor, or texture. The use of automated x-ray inspection equipment is highly regulated and is becoming increasingly common in manufacturing industries. Modern automated x-ray systems are perfectly safe in working environments as long as recommended safety guidance is followed.

Why are automated x-ray inspection systems used in manufacturing?

Automated x-ray inspection system used in manufacturing

Automated x-ray inspection systems are used in manufacturing for quality control and inspection purposes and can help identify defects or missing insertions, measure dimensions such as mass, inspect packaging, and detect physical contaminants or foreign objects in products such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pet foods, and more.

How does automated x-ray inspection technology work?

Automated x-ray inspection systems utilize non-destructive x-ray waves to see through objects and products and can separate the expected density of the product with the densities of any unwanted foreign contaminants. These systems are typically comprised of an x-ray tube that emits controlled rays which pass through the object being inspected within the machine, with heavy curtains keeping the x-ray waves within the system. As the x-rays interact with the materials being inspected, a detector captures the x-rays and converts them into a single image.

Specialized software then analyzes this image, identifying any inconsistencies or foreign objects present in the sample. During the inspection process, the system can activate an automatic reject mechanism for contaminated, faulty, or non-compliant items.

automated x-ray inspection diagram

Can automated x-ray inspection systems be integrated with existing production lines?

Boost your productivity with METTLER TOLEDO smart x-ray inspection solutions

Boost your productivity with METTLER TOLEDO smart x-ray inspection solutions
Safeline X-ray Inspection systems from METTLER TOLEDO go beyond contamination detection to help improve product quality and enhance brand protection by safety detecting and rejecting unwanted physical contaminants within food and pharmaceutical products, regardless of their shape or location.

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline X-ray Inspection systems can be seamlessly integrated into pre-existing production lines. They are designed to adapt to your production needs, with our many customization options making it easy to integrate x-ray inspection technology systems with existing conveyor systems and line speeds. We even offer combination x-ray inspection systems with checkweighers to further enhance your product handling and inspection needs.