Case Study

Case Study - Why Pro Pet Austria Relies On Single-Vendor Strategy

Case Study

For Reliable Inspection of Pet Foods

Pro Pet Austria Heimtiernahrung GmbH, located in Gastern, Lower Austria, only relies on product inspection solutions from METTLER TOLEDO when producing high-quality snacks for cats and dogs on behalf of major international brands. With 400 different products, Pro Pet Austria is one of Europe's leading pet food manufacturers.

In order to comply with the stringent quality and conformity requirements of its customers, the company invests in state-of-the-art inspection technology from METTLER TOLEDO. To minimize the risk of defective products as well as any subsequent products recalls, Pro Pet Austria utilizes metal detection technology, dynamic checkweighers and x-ray inspection systems. In 2002 the company updated its quality assurance system and has since been checking its products in line with HACCP.

Since 2019, Pro Pet Austria also been recording, monitoring and documenting the production data provided by the inspection systems using the PC-based ProdX™ clientserver software from METTLER TOLEDO.

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The pet food snacks from Pro Pet Austria contain a high proportion of fresh meat. It can happen that links from chain gloves or broken knife tips find their way into the meat products during slaughter and dissection. High-frequency metal detection technology detects even the smallest foreign bodies, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as stainless steel.

The company utilzes an x-ray inspection system to detect a broader spectrum of foreign bodies and, in addition, to fulfill a number of further quality assurance tasks. Recently, the company has been relying on a X36 system to check its products on top of its existing five systems from the X33 series. METTLER TOLEDO offered them the opportunity to test the system extensively before making a purchase decision, giving them the confidence  to put in an order for the X36.

As Pro Pet Austria takes special care to avoid underfilling, the company has placed dynamic checkweighers upstream of the x-ray inspection systems to guarantee the accurate filling weight of the packaged snacks. As weight fluctuations inevitably arise during the production process it is necessary to keep a close eye on it throughout the entire production line. To meet these challenges, Pro Pet relies exclusively on checkweighing solutions from METTLER TOLEDO. Based on the positive experience of this cooperation, Pro Pet now begins to focus on a single-vendor strategy. This enables the company to rely on high quality support in terms of the equipment reliability, spare parts supply and maintenance requirements.