What is chemical quality assurance?

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METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection designs stand-alone and fully-integrated automated inspection technologies to help food, pharma, chemical and other non-food manufacturers boost productivity and improve product quality and safety.

Chemical quality assurance is achieved by inspecting the contents and packaging of chemical products for integrity, proper labeling, fill level control, completeness checks and contamination by foreign objects. This type of verification helps chemical manufacturers prevent product recalls and costly rework while also protecting consumer safety and brand reputation.

Product inspection devices used to assist with chemical quality assurance procedures include x-ray inspection systems and industrial metal detectors for foreign body detection, inline checkweighers for weight control and completeness checks and label inspection with machine vision.

What are the labeling requirements for chemicals?

Different countries and regions will have their own specific labeling requirements when it comes to chemical products, but in general, labels for household chemicals are required to include the name of the product and specify the chemical ingredients contained (active and inactive ingredients) within the product, along with instructions for safe and proper usage, storage recommendations, and any relevant warnings and first aid measures to take in the case of accidental exposure or ingestion.

An automated label verification system can be used by chemical manufacturers to check that all required information is present, reducing the need to do manual spot checks.

Chemical label requirements

How long does it take to inspect a chemical container?

Manual inspection of chemical containers in manufacturing can be time-consuming and prone to human error. However, using inline automated product inspection equipment can drastically reduce the time it takes to inspect products – with most inspections taking only a second or two to complete. Once the chemical container has traveled the length of the inspection system, the inspection is complete. For example, our inline checkweighers are able to inspect chemical containers at extremely fast belt speeds, meaning the pace of production does not need to slow down.

Why do you need a label inspection system in chemical manufacturing?

How to integrate label inspection to suit your applications

Learn how you can integrate Smart Cameras on existing production lines, or install standalone, and combination systems specific to suit your applications. From boxes to cartons, round or flat, we have options that can be tailored to your production line.

A label inspection system helps to verify that chemical products are in their correct package with the proper label information. This is particularly important when one production line is producing multiple variations of a product. Frequent product changeovers can increase the risk that the wrong package or label is used on a given product - especially with the fast pace of production.

Label inspection prevents mislabeled products from entering the marketplace, potentially triggering expensive product recalls or loss of consumer trust in the brand. By detecting label errors early, manufacturers can reduce product waste and the potential costs of rework, recalls, and fines.

Which type of metal detector do I need for a chemical manufacturing operation?

For most powder and granule chemical inspection applications, METTLER TOLEDO Profile Gravity Fall metal detectors are a great choice. These systems have configurations to support ATEX / IECEx as well as HazLoc compliance for explosive atmospheres. METTLER TOLEDO also offers Throat and Conveyor systems that are compliant with NEC / CEC requirements. Learn more about our metal detection systems for the chemical manufacturing industry.

Industrial metal detection for chemical industry

Which weighing technology is best suited for chemical manufacturing?

Inline checkweighers for the chemical industry

The C35 AdvancedLine Checkweigher with ATEX-compliant design and the C23 PlusLine Checkweigher are well suited for chemical production environments. These high-performance checkweighers are built for industrial settings and can handle heavy loads. They feature exceptional product handling options for smooth product transfer, allowing for faster line speeds.

Learn more about these systems:

How can I streamline performance tests and increase OEE in the chemical manufacturing industry?

Product Inspection equipment used in the chemical manufacturing industry can run ProdX™ QMS software to help streamline performance tests – instead of having to manually record testing results, ProdX™ automates the recording and reporting of tests, saving significant time. In addition, changes to chemical product parameters or the introduction of new product inspection equipment profiles can all be done remotely rather than having to manually enter new parameters on each inspection device. This extends to product changeovers – the changeover can occur at a single, central location and propagate the new chemical product profile to any METTLER TOLEDO quality inspection system on the line.

ProdX Quality Management Software
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