A New Era of Food Safety with X-ray

How advanced x-ray inspection can help improve product safety of small- to medium-sized packaged food products

Program Overview

  • Introduction to x-ray inspection in the food industry
  • The benefits of using x-ray technology to increase product safety through the accurate detection of a wide range of foreign bodies such as metal, glass, stone, bone and low-density materials
  • How the latest developments in x-ray inspection help to improve product quality through the use of advanced software, completeness and integrity checks
  • Best practices for implementing x-ray inspection systems and how simple and intuitive user interfaces and front-opening system designs can boost your productivity
  • How to achieve and exceed production throughputs in demanding environments
  • Demo of the new X2 Series X-ray Inspection System and a Q&A session with our experienced speakers

A New Era of Food Safety
Learn how to improve food safety, meet regulatory compliance, and protect your brand with x-ray inspection through advanced contamination detection and completeness checks for small to medium sized packaged products.

You'll also receive valuable information about our comprehensive service solutions. Keep your system running and minimize unplanned downtime with our global service network and comprehensive maintenance plans.

Watch our webinar: A New Era of Food Safety with X-ray Inspection to find the X2 system that works for you!

Target audience

Food Safety Managers, production or manufacturing managers, IT specialists, Global Food Retailers, Quality Control specialists, Food Safety Specialists, Production & Packaging, Operation Managers, CEOs, Change Management Agents, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Assurance Operators.


Image of Adam Green

Adam Green

XR ePlatform Owner & Market Manager

Over the past 8 years, Adam has worked within various commercial and technical roles at METTLER TOLEDO. During that time, he facilitated the development of an online demonstration platform to provide technical support to customers due to the global change of working behaviors. He has worked with local markets to help the development of the sales teams that promote x-ray technology and its benefits to customers.