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X-ray Inspection Systems for Glass Jars

X-ray Inspection Systems for Glass Jars

Provide the highest levels of product safety and quality

A glass jar x-ray system detects unwanted physical contaminants in products packaged in glass containers. Our innovative range is designed for use by food and pharmaceutical manufacturers to rapidly inspect glass jars and bottles containing sauces, seafood, fruits and vegetables, ready meals, medicines, and more. By leveraging our technology, you can protect consumers from defective products, minimize recall risks and preserve brand integrity.

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What are the benefits of using glass jar x-ray inspection in production lines?

Manufacturers that use glass jar packaging for their products will install x-ray inspection systems to maximize product quality and safety. These advanced systems can detect physical contaminants, including broken glass inside glass jar packaged products, while simultaneously performing a wide range of in-line quality control checks. Installing an x-ray inspection system to inspect glass jars helps to protect consumer safety as well as the brand reputation of manufacturers, while avoiding the risk of potentially expensive product recalls.


Glass-in-Glass Contamination Detection

Glass-in-Glass Contamination Detection
Integrating the correct x-ray beam technology with robust product handling devices will help to optimize all-round glass inspection thereby preventing any glass-in-glass contaminated products reaching the consumer.

Does the x-ray inspection process damage glass jars or compromise the integrity of their contents?

Glass jar industrial x-ray inspection

Glass jar x-ray inspection is a non-destructive inspection method that does not harm glass jars, and can be used to safely inspect jars containing sauces, medicines, fruits and vegetables, ready meals, and more. The low-energy x-rays used in these systems safely pass through the glass packaging, allowing for a thorough inspection without causing any damage or affecting the quality of the glass jars or their contents.

Which contaminants can an x-ray inspection system for glass jars detect?

METTLER TOLEDO X-ray Inspection systems for glass jars utilize advanced technology for reliable detection of a wide variety of foreign objects that can find their way into glass jars, including metal, glass shards, stone, plastic, and bone.

Can using x-ray jar inspection spot glass defects or cracks in glass jars?

glass jar inspection with industrial x-ray inspection systems

Yes, our x-ray jar inspection systems can detect glass defects, cracks, or other structural abnormalities in glass jars. The high-resolution imaging capabilities of METTLER TOLEDO Safeline X-ray Inspection technology enables precise identification of these defects, helping manufacturers to monitor the integrity of their products and maintain high-quality standards. Early detection of glass defects can prevent potential leaks or breakages during production, packaging, or distribution.