Improve Low-Density Contaminant Detection

Leveraging New X-ray Solutions for Better Brand Protection

Program Overview

  • Introduction to Dual Energy
  • How the new technology works
  • Where Dual Energy can add benefits to customer brand protection
  • Does packaging affect performance?
  • Dual Energy system demonstration

Learn how to overcome the challenge of finding lower-density contaminants in this on-demand webinar. Foreign body detection is an important quality control process in manufacturing but finding contaminants with lower densities can be a challenge. The lighter the foreign body's density, the harder it is for the x-ray to differentiate the contaminant from the product. New Dual Energy X-ray Inspection systems from METTLER TOLEDO provide better detection results and can help you improve the safety and quality of your products, helping to keep consumers safe and protect your brand.

By the end of the webinar, you will have a better understanding of the challenges presented by low-density contaminants and how new METTLER TOLEDO x-ray technology can help improve detection results.