Why is quality assurance important in cosmetics manufacturing?

Cosmetics and personal care manufacturers must work hard to protect the safety, quality, and appearance of their product or they risk damage to their brand image and reputation - resulting in lost trust from their customers and decreased profits.

Quality assurance in cosmetics production does more than make sure that consumers are getting the product they expect, it also:

  1. Provides confidence that merchandise looks its best on retailer shelves
  2. Contributes to better consumer safety
  3. Helps to attract new customers, and keep the old ones

A strong quality assurance program uses a variety of product inspection solutions to enhance quality control procedures during the manufacturing process.

A few examples of product inspection systems used in quality assurance programs for cosmetics manufacturing are:

What is quality control of cosmetics and personal care products?

Quality control for cosmetics and personal care products relates to the inspection of these products to make certain they meet the quality standards of the manufacturer, the retailer and the consumer. These quality control measures can be done through a variety of specialized product inspection equipment such as:

Products which fail to meet the necessary quality standards are removed from production lines and discarded or re-worked to bring them in line with quality standards.

Boost your productivity with our smart product inspection solutions

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection designs stand-alone and fully-integrated automated inspection technologies to help food, pharma, chemical and other non-food manufacturers boost productivity and improve product quality and safety.

What is cosmetics compliance?

In the cosmetics industry, compliance can mean one of several things, including compliance with industry regulations, compliance with quality control guidelines such as the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), or compliance with government regulations.

These compliance guidelines and regulations are in place to protect companies and consumers through assurances that cosmetics and personal care products on the market are safe to use, have the proper and correct information visible on product labels and packaging, the packaging is free of defects or blemishes, and that the product is free of physical contamination and chemicals which may be harmful to humans.

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection systems can help support manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products in achieving compliance with industry standards, governmental regulations and GMP. 

Why is packaging important for cosmetics?

Cosmetics packaging integrity

Product packaging is one of the final opportunities that personal care and cosmetics manufacturers have in making their pitch to the customer. Having attractive and unblemished product packaging that stands out from the competition on store shelves can be vital to making the sale!

In addition, product packaging is used to provide important information to the customer, such as instructions for proper use and listing any potential allergens that may be contained within the ingredients. 

Using product inspection equipment to check for packaging flaws, such seal inspection systems or label quality inspection systems during production can assist manufacturers of cosmetics products with their automatic checking processes.

Why do I need a label inspection system for cosmetics and personal care products?

With so many different formulas and varieties of cosmetic and personal care products, having an accurate, undamaged product label is critically important. Label inspection systems check every product to verify that the correct label is present, accurately applied, and undamaged.

There are also legal reasons for label inspection – it is important for cosmetics manufacturers to confirm that every product label has the required information present and lists all warnings about potential allergens or any ingredients with known reactivity.

How to integrate label inspection to suit your applications

Learn how you can integrate Smart Cameras on existing production lines, or install standalone, and combination systems specific to suit your applications. From boxes to cartons, round or flat, we have options that can be tailored to your production line.

What are the benefits of using label inspection systems combined with other product inspection devices in cosmetics manufacturing?

Mix and Match Your Ideal Product Inspection Combination System

Boost your productivity with space saving combination inspection systems.

Combination product inspection systems are a great space-saving method for cosmetics manufacturing environments. By combining multiple inspection technologies such as label inspection, weight and completeness control and/or contamination detection into a one system, you can establish a single quality control point on your production line that requires up to 33% less space than having multiple standalone systems.

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection offers combination systems to incorporate label inspection verification systems with cosmetics checkweighers and metal detectors made for cosmetics, and other combination systems that provide industrial x-ray inspection or serialization and track & trace technology to the cosmetics and personal care industry.

How can I verify the fill levels of cosmetics products in jars, tubes or bottles?

Verification of fill levels on cosmetics products in jars, tubes, or bottles can be done using inline checkweighers, industrial x-ray inspection systems and machine vision inspection systems. The type of inspection equipment best suited for the application depends on factors such as packaging type, product type, and production environment.

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection offers fill level verification systems to suit a wide variety of cosmetics applications, in addition to combination systems to support multiple quality control procedures. 

How do I detect physical contamination in creams, lotions or liquid personal care products?

Foreign body detection is an important part of quality control in the cosmetics industry. To protect consumer safety and brand reputation and prevent expensive fines or recalls that can result from contamination, cosmetics manufacturers use industrial x-ray inspection and metal detection systems designed for cosmetics and personal care products to identify products containing physical contaminants such as metal, plastic and other foreign materials, and remove them from the production line.

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