What are laboratory accessories?

Unlike lab consumables, which are single-use or limited-use products, lab accessories are extended-use components designed to augment the function of your current lab equipment and instruments. They include items such as infrared motion sensors for hands-free measurement procedures, fingerprint readers to reduce security risks on specialized equipment, and compact printers for various lab instruments. Other accessories for laboratory use are pipette holders, density kits, and DSC microscopy kits.

Where can I find a list of your laboratory accessories?

View the links above to navigate to our various lab accessories.

Can your lab accessories only be used with METTLER TOLEDO instruments?

While many of our accessories function the most efficiently with METTLER TOLEDO instruments, some can also be used with equipment from other major laboratory brands. These accessories include sample preparation accessory boxes and test weights.

Where can I find the pricing for your lab accessories?

Click on the name of a lab accessory in one of the boxes above for more information, including pricing. A new page will open where you can click “Request Info” or “Get a Quote.” This will help us learn more about your needs and how you plan to use the laboratory accessory so we can ensure we provide you with the correct pricing for your specific equipment.

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