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What is a weighbridge load cell? What is a truck scale load cell? A weighbridge load cell is a load cell that goes underneath the weighbridge or ...

What is a weighbridge load cell? What is a truck scale load cell?
A weighbridge load cell is a load cell that goes underneath the weighbridge or deck of a vehicle weighing scale. These load cells help to provide weighments for trucks or rail cars, depending on the scale solution. Various load cell types and applications are available, including traditional analog load cells, digital load cells, and smart POWERCELL load cells.

METTLER TOLEDO weighbridge load cells have earned a reputation for outstanding accuracy and reliability, and for good reason. For years we have provided cutting edge innovation to our vehicle weighing markets to ensure they get the best possible solution for their heavy capacity applications. We offer solutions to fit your weighbridge load cell price, including affordable solutions which bring METTLER TOLEDO reliability.

Why is accuracy important for vehicle scale load cells?

When weighing tons of product over the scale, it can be easy for some people to dismiss accuracy. 'You can only be so accurate at that heavy capacity' – but at METTLER TOLEDO we believe this is when accuracy truly matters. If a vehicle scale is giving away +150 lbs. or more per load (which is very common, and often legally acceptable), think of the consequences of how this adds up. Over weeks, months, and years – a load cell company could give away millions of dollars in product and profit.

For this reason, our POWERCELL® family of smart digital load cells for vehicle scales provides outstanding accuracy to ensure operations can weigh with confidence no matter what the capacity.

Why is reliability important for vehicle scale load cells?
For many operations, the vehicle scale is acting as a cash register, buying and selling good by bulk weight. When the scale goes down, operations come to a halt. For this reason, METTLER TOLEDO built special protections and alerts into our POWERCELL® family of truck scale load cells.
Weighbridges with traditional load cell systems can be susceptible to interference from the environment, such as:

  • water damage to jbox and cables,
  • accuracy fluctuation from temperature,
  • failure from lightning strike

POWERCELL digital load cells from METTLER TOLEDO offer outstanding environmental protection and accuracy. Our POWERCELL PDX weighbridge load cell systems feature daisy-chained digital load cells, and eliminate the need for a junction box. In fact, our field gathered service data shows that our load cells have a failure rate of less than 0.02% - incredible reliability for your truck scale. POWERCELL PDX truck scale load cells also include additional post signal processing after the A to D conversion that helps to eliminate errors caused by temperature, linearity and hysteresis - leading to a more pure and thus more accurate weight reading (load cell reader) on the truck scale.

Conventional analog load cells are known to have a limited lifespan in weighbridges, according to our documented field service data. A dead analog load cell can be tricky to diagnose and expensive to replace, requiring a laborious procedure that includes recalibrating the weighbridge. With a failure rate of less than 0.02% and millions installed worldwide, POWERCELL weighbridge load cells offer outstanding accuracy and reliability compared to traditional analog load cells. When considering a new weighbridge load cell system, you should consider more than just weighbridge load cell price – consider the system reliability and accuracy as well.

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Material No.: 42904891
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DescriptionThe latest vehicle weighing technology: unequalled accuracy, reliability, and predictive diagnostics.
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DescriptionThe 0782/GD analog load cell is the entry-level load cell for vehicle weighing applications.


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