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Impeccable Service for the Lawn Care Industry

Having a green, well-manicured lawn can make a homeowner the envy of the neighborhood; however, it takes a lot of watering as well as periodic treatments to keep the grass lush and free from weeds and bugs. These potential threats to lawns have homeowners trying everything possible to keep their grass the greenest on the block and the large lawn care companies are often on the front line of this battle. One such lawn care company developed a new chemical that required a batching vessel system operating under extremely high temperatures. This company called on METTLER TOLEDO to help them implement this new system and make their project a success.

METTLER TOLEDO provided weigh-module systems for the vessel batching. Once the equipment was installed, the METTLER TOLEDO service group was asked to inspect the installation and environment. The two service technicians who visited the customer site noticed several changes that needed to be made. They notified the customer and the local engineering firm who was working on the project that these changes were critical in order to have a good, repeatable weighing system. Despite the advice of the factory-trained METTLER TOLEDO technicians, this customer and their engineering firm chose not to follow through on this input.

METTLER TOLEDO is very proud of the value we provide to our customers. Our employees work extremely hard to make sure our customers’ projects run smoothly and are successful. Professional installation and commissioning is a critical point in any project and arguably the most important. This step is extremely significant as it determines the future performance of the equipment from the beginning, especially in areas where there are precise factory specifications.

Upon the completion of the project, the METTLER TOLEDO service technicians returned to finalize the installation and calibrate the vessels; the weigh modules would not calibrate properly due to  a number of mechanical problems. This caused quite a predicament for the lawn care company, whose upper management was scheduled to see the new system the following Monday morning. As it was Friday and time was running out, the lawn care company agreed to make all of the changes that the technicians had prescribed. The METTLER TOLEDO service group helped supervise the changes and worked on Sunday to complete all of the necessary calibrations.  

Monday morning, the lawn care company was able to use their new vessels to batch lawn chemicals. They were able to demonstrate to their upper management how the new RAAD boxes and JagXtreme alarms would spare them from losing batches and save them money. Because METTLER TOLEDO is focused on understanding and being proactive at the critical decision points in a project, we were able to foresee and properly advise the customer on any potential problems. Furthermore, when the customer did not take the service technicians’ advice, METTLER TOLEDO was still prepared to solve the problem even working on the weekend to get the job done.

So the next time you are trying to keep up with the Joneses as far as whose grass is greener, think of the METTLER TOLEDO dedication to quality and proactive service. With innovative products and impeccable service, METTLER TOLEDO is truly a complete solutions provider.