Integrated Track and Trace Solutions for Pharma Manufacturers

What is integration for track and trace?

Integrated solutions refer to the software and hardware incorporated into a manufacturer’s facility where packaging equipment already manages the product handling and track and trace components are expected to work in conjunction with these processes. This process of integrating our products into the packaging process involves key steps towards developing a specific solution to address a customer’s needs.

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What components are included in an integrated solution?

Each of our integrated product lines comes as standard with a reading device, such as a Smart Camera or High-Resolution Camera, a control cabinet and an HMI. The control cabinet provides the hardware needed to connect to the camera and third-party printers or sorting equipment (as applicable); the camera inspects whatever has been printed, and the HMI serves as the interface for the operator to setup and review the processes in place are performing to specifications. Additionally, you will need to purchase PLM Serialization or PLM Aggregation software depending upon your application.

What is an OEM?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) refers to any supplier providing packaging equipment to the end customer. In our case, OEMs could potentially be companies that make conveyors, case packers, palletizers, etc. In the setup of an integrated solution, we will work with the customers’ OEMs to tailor our software and hardware to fit any spacing limitations or connectivity concerns. For our hardware, this means we help choose the right smart camera, cables and connectors to fit the installation space available. For our software, this means we work closely with the IT vendors, network administrators or other key stakeholders to ensure the solution is communicating effectively with every application interface.

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