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Reliable In-Line Measurements for Beer Production

Beer analyzers are tools used to take critical analytical measurements during beer production in breweries of all sizes, including craft breweries or microbreweries. Beer analyzers can be installed in-line for continuous measurements, or can be used at-line for quality testing. Monitoring analytics in breweries, including pH, dissolved oxygen, dissolved CO2 and turbidity/color, helps ensure consistent beer quality, taste, color and clarity.

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What is a beer analyzer?

A beer analyzer is a tool for monitoring the critical quality parameters needed to produce consistent, quality beer. These critical quality parameters include pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity for clarity and color, and dissolved CO2. Beer analyzers can be installed in situ for continuous measurements either on-line or in-line, or can be portable and used for occasional sampling or testing.

Why should I measure beer analytics in-line?

Although analysis of grab samples offers accurate results, it is time-consuming, carries the risk of non-representative samples, and does not supply continuous, real-time data. In-line measurement using a beer analyzer reduces the workload of laboratory staff (measures directly in the process, eliminating the possibility of inaccurate measurement results) and supplies a constant stream of real-time data, allowing rapid corrective action when necessary. Most significantly, in-line analytical measurements enable reliable, consistent production of beer.

What analytics should a craft brewery or microbrewery use?

The analytics that a brewery uses should not change based on the size of the brewery, the only difference may be the way you set up installation. For example, while in-line measurement may be desired, often budgetary reasons necessitate off-line measurement.  For analytics such as dissolved oxygen, a unique solution like the InTap portable DO meter can be used as a temporary on-line measurement point, and can also be used as a portable measurement system. For all breweries, pH, DO, turbidity and CO2 are important measurements for ensuring consistency.