Dissolved co2 sensor

CO2 Sensor | Carbon Dioxide Probe

Reliable Dissolved CO2 Probe for In Situ CO2 Monitoring

Dissolved carbon dioxide sensors are in-line sensors for continuous monitoring of dissolved CO2 in biopharmaceutical applications and brewing processes. For bioprocessing, dissolved CO2 probes enable in situ CO2 monitoring in bioreactors for control of production and to help ensure accurate scale up and maximize yield. In brewing, a dissolved CO2 sensor can be used to monitor key quality attributes to ensure consistent mouth-feel.

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CO2 Sensor | Carbon Dioxide Probe

Real-time Monitoring for Immediate Feedback

In situ CO2 sensors provide immediate and accurate feedback of CO2 accumulation, allowing you to quickly react to changes in dissolved CO2 concentration.

CO2 Sensor | Carbon Dioxide Probe

Fast Installation and Replacement Capabilities

Dissolved CO2 sensors with Plug and Measure technology offer fast, error-free installation and commissioning. To minimize maintenance efforts these CO2 sensors have few replacement parts.

CO2 Sensor | Carbon Dioxide Probe

CO2 Sensors with a Hygienic Design for Food & Pharma

METTLER TOLEDO dissolved CO2 sensors are constructed using FDA-compliant materials to ensure all CO2 probes can withstand CIP procedures and are fully sterilizable either in situ or in an autoclave.

CO2 Sensor | Carbon Dioxide Probe

Simplify Maintenance with ISM Diagnostics

CO2 sensors with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) provide advanced diagnostics to improve sensor reliability. ISM helps avoid sensor failure and ensures maintenance is only performed when needed.

CO2 Sensor | Carbon Dioxide Probe

Increase Cell Growth Rates in Biotech Applications

High dCO2 levels cause unwanted metabolic changes and lower productivity. A dissolved CO2 sensor allows for fast reaction to CO2 changes, which can increase cell growth rates by as much as 30%.

CO2 Sensor | Carbon Dioxide Probe

Fast Membrane Replacement for Breweries

To speed up the membrane replacement process, brewery CO2 sensors from METTLER TOLEDO only require two parts for membrane replacement, and replacement can be done in 30 seconds.

CO2 Sensor | Carbon Dioxide Probe

CO2 Probes Help Meet Regulatory Requirements

These CO2 sensors keep count of sensor exposure to autoclave cycles, offer predictive sensor health diagnostics and keep records of calibration to help meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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What is dissolved carbon dioxide?

Dissolved carbon dioxide is the amount of CO2 present in water or another liquid. Carbon dioxide typically is encountered as a gas. Therefore, the in-line and on-line measurement of carbon dioxide in processes is a measurement of the pressure which the carbon dioxide applies either in the gas or in the liquid in which it is dissolved. Dissolved carbon dioxide can be measured using a METTLER TOLEDO dissolved CO2 sensor. 

How do you measure dissolved CO2?

Dissolved carbon dioxide is measured with a dissolved carbon dioxide sensor designed by METTLER TOLEDO. Depending on the kind of application and the industry, the dissolved CO2 content is expressed in different units.

What is a dissolved CO2 sensor?

A dissolved carbon dioxide sensor is an analytical sensor that measures dissolved carbon dioxide. METTLER TOLEDO dissolved CO2 probes deliver precise, real-time data that increases understanding of critical fermentation, cell culture and brewing processes.

What are the different types of CO2 sensor?

There are two primary types of CO2 sensor in the METTLER TOLEDO portfolio. 

For bioreactors and pharmaceutical production, the InPro 5000i is a dissolved CO2 probe that provides real-time CO2 values based on the technology of the Severinghaus principle, which utilizes the correlation between dissolved carbon dioxide and pH of a liquid. The sensing electrode is an enhanced pH electrode separated from the measurement media by an electrolyte-filled chamber and gas permeable membrane. CO2 diffuses through the membrane and into the inner electrolyte of the dissolved carbon dioxide sensor, where it equilibrates with bicarbonate ions, altering the pH value. The relative change in pH value of the electrolyte is then measured by the enhanced pH electrode and correlated to the CO2 value.

For brewing, the InPro 5500i is a thermal conductivity CO2 sensor that provides reliable in-line measurement of dissolved carbon dioxide that can be directly integrated into the brewing or beverage production process. 

Which transmitters can integrate with a CO2 sensor?

METTLER TOLEDO produces a range of CO2 transmitters that can be used when building your measurement control loop. All of METTLER TOLEDO dissolved CO2 sensors are digital, and should therefore be integrated with an ISM transmitter.