Digital pH Sensors for In-Line pH Measurement

Digital pH Sensors

In-line, Digital pH Probes for Process & Water Applications

Digital pH sensors are sensors that provide a reliable, digital pH measurement signal for in-line measurement applications. METTLER TOLEDO's digital pH probes use Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology. This digital pH sensor measurement technology helps ensure an interference-free measurement, enables predictive diagnostics to improve maintenance operations, simplifies and speeds up calibration as well as measurement point commissioning and improves sensor inventory management.

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Reliable, Interference-Free Digital Signal

Digital pH sensors convert the measurement signal from analog to digital in the sensor itself, ensuring a reliable digital signal across long cable runs and in areas where interference is possible.

Predictive Diagnostics That Learn from Your Process

Digital pH sensors from METTLER TOLEDO provide predictive diagnostics that use data from your process to give a clear indication of when a digital pH sensor will require maintenance or replacement.

Prevent Unexpected Sensor Failure

These digital pH probes offer a Dynamic Lifetime Indicator (DLI) that tells, in days, how long until your digital pH sensor will need to be replaced.

Simplified Integration and Installation

Plug and Measure technology on digital pH sensors allows a sensor to be calibrated away from the process in a controlled environment. This enables fast exchange of sensors in production.

Shift to a Predictive Maintenance Scheme

These digital pH sensors have an Adaptive Calibration Timer (ACT) that tells you when a sensor will need to be calibrated, allowing you to shift from periodic to predictive maintenance.

Optimize Sensor Management

With iSense software, managing digital pH sensors is easy. You can store calibration and use history, as well as installation point data to help get the most from your pH sensors.

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What is a digital pH sensor?

A digital pH sensor is a pH electrode that includes an electronic chip in the sensor head that converts the measurement data into a digital signal before the signal leaves the sensor, which are very robust and not affected by interference. Digital pH sensors offer significant benefits over traditional analog pH sensors because more data can be sent in a digital signal than an analog signal. This enables the sensor to provide diagnostics, which maximizes the efficiency of the sensor. It also allows the digital pH sensor to store calibration relevant data and a label for the measurement point. 

METTLER TOLEDO's digital pH sensor technology is called Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM). Most models of METTLER TOLEDO digital pH sensors end with the letter "i".

What diagnostics are available on a digital pH sensor?

METTLER TOLEDO digital pH sensors offer a variety of predictive diagnostics that are designed to improve your maintenance and sensor replacement operations, and reduce the risk for sensor failure. These include:

Dynamic Lifetime Indicator (DLI): Indicates to the user how many days until the sensor will need to be replaced. Unlike typical "counter-style" diagnostics, the DLI adjusts based on the conditions that the sensor is operating under. Proper maintenance can significantly extend the lifetime of sensors.

Adaptive Calibration Timer (ACT): Tells the user how long until a sensor will need calibrated, based on the current measurement conditions. This is beneficial for switching from a periodic calibration scheme to a predictive calibration scheme, where you only calibrate your sensor when needed.

What is Plug and Measure Technology?

Plug and Measure is a technology that enables faster startup and commissioning of a measurement point, and faster replacement of digital pH sensors. Because these digital pH sensors can store calibration relevant data on a chip in the sensor head, the sensor can be calibrated away from the process by using iSense software. A pre-calibrated sensor can then be quickly put directly into the process without the need for another calibration at the measurement point. This is particularly beneficial at challenging measurement points or in hazardous or dangerous areas.

What is iSense software?

iSense is a software for METTLER TOLEDO ISM digital pH probes that dramatically simplifies calibration, maintenance and documentation. Using iSense software (PC or mobile), you can calibrate digital pH sensors in a convenient location away from the process, automatically generate calibration reports, access all predictive diagnostics and counters (such as SIP or Autoclave counters) and assign sensors to their location for easy management of your entire digital pH sensor inventory. This software also works with METTLER TOLEDO ISM digital dissolved oxygen sensors and digital CO2 sensors.