4 Ways to Optimize pH Sensor Lifetime


How to Increase the Lifespan of pH Sensors

pH sensor lifetime
pH sensor lifetime

Over time and through use, pH sensors are affected by their measuring environment, which reduces sensor lifetime. Periodically, sensors require cleaning, calibration and adjustments to ensure accurate and precise measurements. Proper sensor care can dramatically increase pH sensor lifetime.

A pH sensor with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) diagnostics informs users of its maintenance needs and predicts when it should be replaced. By continuously monitoring process conditions, sensor slope and reference system impedance value, ISM pH sensors can predict their remaining lifetime and when calibration and cleaning should be performed. Further, ISM’s predictive diagnostic tools (displayed on the connected transmitter) are dynamic, so as process and sensor conditions change, the diagnostics readjust.

The guide, "4 Ways to Optimize pH Sensor Lifetime" consists of the following four case studies:

Prevent Diaphragm Clogging and Reduce Maintenance Efforts:

pH measurement is necessary in many stages of nitrogen-based fertilizer production, but the conditions are very tough on sensors. For a US fertilizer producer, switching to an intelligent METTLER TOLEDO solution has dramatically increased pH sensor lifetime and significantly improved safety for technicians.

Ensure Sensor Tolerance in Corrosive Process Conditions:

For product quality reasons, tight pH control is vital in electroplating. But plating bath conditions can affect the impedance of a pH probe’s glass. Coping with the process requires a tough and intelligent sensor.

Switch to Predictive Maintenance with Advanced Sensor Diagnostics:

Failure of pH sensors in processes is a costly and concerning issue. The ability to see when sensor maintenance or replacement will be needed has transformed measurement operations for a major chemical company.

Automate pH Sensor Cleaning to Avoid Measurement Deterioration:

Process conditions in chemical production are often challenging for in-line instrumentation. EasyClean™ 200e is a robust and automated sensor cleaning system that helps keep pH probes operating at their best, and can increase their lifetime by more than 30%.