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Designing labels for vision inspection

Making Codes Readable
Making Codes Readable

This white paper details the different types of codes found on products and the factors which need to be understood when creating an effective inspection programme to drastically decrease the risk of a recall and improve consumer satisfaction.

Implementing quality controls for product labels and codes is a vital process, as labels are a critical component of product packaging. It is not just the last chance for manufacturers to impart important information such as allergen warnings, expiration date and instructions for use but also inventory management and tracking information.

The white paper covers 5 main areas:

  • What are the basics of product packaging coding?
  • How are 1D and 2D codes read?
  • How does optical character verification work?
  • How does optical character recognition work?
  • Which code design elements need to be considered?

Product bar codes, lot codes and expiration dates are mandatory elements in nearly every country, and in countries where this information is not mandatory there is sufficient consumer pressure that packages need them present anyway.

There are a lot of things which go into ensuring product codes are readable—everything from the type of printer to the print surface to how you choose to read the codes has to be taken into consideration in order to ensure a high-quality and readable code on product labeling and packaging. Manufacturers who take all of these factors into account will be rewarded with a higher quality product and fewer customer complaints.

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