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Custom Line V57

Container Quality Control.An easy-to-use turnkey vision inspection system for contamination detection and precision formation inspections of rigid plastic containers.

Real Time Quality Control

Immediate detection of formation and contamination errors allows for faster responses to production errors.

Perfect Product Presentation

The cameras are accurate enough to detect product contamination as small as 0.1 TAPPI, ensuring only the best products leave the facility.

Product Tracking Capabilities

Encoder-based tracking ensures that defective products are removed from the production line.

Material No.: 56004046

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Specifications - Custom Line V57
Camera Technology
PC-based Camera
Package Orientation
Round; oriented
Product Sensor Capabilities
Detects clear, opaque and diffused products
Software Platform
Remote Support
1 year warranty on all components
Custom Check
Custom Applications; Container Measurements
Windows 10 64 bit OS, Intel multi-core processor
Monitor (HMI)
LCD 15 inch touch screen
CE; ISO13849; NFPA79; UL508A
Encoder Based Tracking
Up to 256 parts across multiple conveyors
steady LED modules; strobe LED modules (for greater efficiency)
Control Hardware Enclosure
stainless steel
IP rating
IP 54
Multiple Reject Options
Air blow-off; Soft Finger Rejecter; Pusher
Electrical Documentation
Power Supply
115-230 V AC (single phase), 50-60 Hz; UPS battery backup
Multi-lingual interface (major languages)
Material Number(s)

Sidewall Check

Detect sidewall contamination from debris, cracks or improperly molded products to eliminate contamination on production line from broken packaging.

Ovality Check

Inspect proper neck threading, plastic formation ovality or symmetry to ensure packaging integrity in downstream packaging operations.

Other Checks

Perform other custom inspection requirements on packaging, such as sealing surface or labeling.

Easy-to-use Software

Intuitive touch screen interface and standard configuration of inspection tools, simplifies new product setup saving you time and money.

Pre-set Height Adjustment

Production lines often handle containers of varying sizes - the system quick-adjust cameras can be pre-configured with height settings for each product size and shape.

Clamshell Enclosure

Contamination and molding inspections require custom lighting for the most accurate results - the enclosure protects against ambient light interference, preventing false rejects.

Telecentric Lenses

Precision measurements require precision lenses. With optional telecentric lenses the system performs highly accurate measurements of container dimensions with up to 0.004" accuracy.



V57 Vision Inspection Datasheet
The V57 Custom Line vision inspection is an easy-to-use turnkey vision solution for contamination detection and precision inspections of container for...



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Custom Line V57