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V31 Oriented Line Vision Inspection

Flexible Label and Package Inspection.A flexible vision inspection system for label, print and packaging applications with an expandable design supporting the addition of future inspection applications.


The system is easy to install, configure, operate and expand. As your needs increase the system can keep pace.


Print, label, container, case — the system can do it all. Whatever the inspection, it has been designed to meet your needs.


The powerful CIVCore software and intuitive user interface make vision inspection a simple user experience.

Material No.: 24023100

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Specifications - V31 Oriented Line Vision Inspection
Camera Technology
PC-based Camera
Package Orientation
Product Sensor Capabilities
Detects clear, opaque and diffused products
Software Platform
Remote Support
Label Data Inspection
Alpha Numeric
2D Codes
Cap Inspection
Cap Color
Transparent Container Fill
Cap Skew
Cap Presence
Custom Inspection
Custom Applications
Windows 10 64 bit OS, Intel multi-core processor
Strobe LED lighting
Control Hardware Enclosure
stainless steel
Multiple Reject Options
Basic Pusher
Soft Pusher
Air Blast
Power Supply
115, 230, 400, 480 V AC, 50-60 Hz
UPS battery backup
Multi-lingual user interface and user manuals
Number of Cameras
Up to 6
Design Options
Material Number(s)

Label Check

Inspect label quality, text, or other graphic identification to prevent label & package mix-up. Detection ensures that correct labeling is applied when managing product changeovers on high-speed production lines.

Code Check

Verify 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes and alpha-numeric text presence and print quality of correct coded information on the label. Verify end of line inkjet print is presented perfectly – reject products with smeared, misprinted or missing information.

Cap and Fill Check

Check cap or lid presence, color, and skew to ensure top packaging components match side label packaging. Detect fill levels on transparent containers to minimize overfill and eliminate under filled product.

Easy-to-use Software

Intuitive touch screen interface and standard configuration of inspection tools, simplifies new product setup saving you time and money.

Economical Design

Configurations to fit every budget, line layout and plant environment. The system is the perfect turnkey solution for a wide range of package inspection needs.

Seamless Line Integration

The flexible design means simple installation into your production line without the need for costly line breakages or product handling.

Modular Design

The system was designed to expand with manufacturer needs. Adding additional cameras is a snap with our easy-to-use adjustable camera mounts.



V31 Vision Inspection Datasheet
The V31 Oriented Line vision inspection system is pre-configured to provide a complete solution for common packaging and labeling defects.


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V31 Oriented Line Vision Inspection