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V15 Round Line Vision Inspection

Reliable Product Data Check 360°.Inspect round packages for errors in lot codes, barcodes, best-by dates or other text, and for quick product changeovers to verify package quality. The 6 image sensors are enclosed in a compact design that can be easily installed over existing conveyors.

Effective 360° Product Data Checks

The 6 sensors catch labeling errors by reading, verifying, and rejecting incorrect data, including 1D or 2D barcodes and alpha-numeric text.

Quick and Simple Product Changeovers

The system is designed to adapt to product changes on the production line in a matter of seconds with automated changeovers.

Efficient and Compact Design

The V15 is ideally suited to tight production lines. It minimizes ambient light interference for maximum line efficiency.

Material No.: 24021500

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Specifications - V15 Round Line Vision Inspection
Camera Technology
Smart Camera
Package Orientation
Product Sensor Capabilities
Detects clear, opaque and diffused products
Software Platform
Vision Software
Remote Support
Label Check
Label ID; Graphical ID
Code Check
Alpha Numeric; 2D Codes; Barcodes
Windows 10 64 bit OS, Intel multi-core processor
Strobe LED lighting
Control Hardware Enclosure
stainless steel
IP rating
IP 65
Multiple Reject Options
Basic Pusher; Soft Pusher; Air Blast
Power Supply
115, 230, 400, 480 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Multi-lingual user interface and user manuals
Number of Cameras
6, plus two optional
Design Options
Kit; Checkweigher Integration; Standalone
Material Number(s)

Designed for Wet Environments

The IP65-rated stainless steel construction makes the V15 ideal for environments with wet cleaning requirements. The easy cleaning access and sloped surfaces support hygienic requirements in food and beverage industries.

360° Inspection

The unique 6 sensor configuration inspects every round product for a complete 360° view to ensure correct label codes are applied during product transfer.

Advanced Product Tracking

The V15 can use existing rejectors and product sensors for advanced product tracking. Supports maximum integration into existing production lines and reliable data transfer.

Easy-to-use Software

The intuitive vision inspection software simplifies your operation for product and format definitions setup. Embedded user management software provides access security by providing the right level user access to create profiles based on team functions.

Optional Top and Bottom Cameras

Up to two top or bottom Smart Cameras can perform additional inspections on lids or container bottoms to detect additional product and production data.

Product Inspection Integration

For extremely tight production lines, an integration option on a checkweigher or other product inspection device offers additional space savings and maximizes efficiency with fully integrated software management via the checkweigher.

Global Service Support

A global network of service experts provide fast remote and on-site support. Our comprehensive service offer allows you to achieve regulatory compliance, high performance, and maximum uptime throughout the life cycle of your product inspection equipment.



V15 Vision Inspection Datasheet
The V15 Round Line vision inspection system performs product data checks for round products using 6 image sensors.

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V15 Round Line Vision Inspection