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White Paper

Understanding Food Label Regulations – Free PDF Download

White Paper

New updated 2016 edition detailing all the latest changes in Labeling regulations and standards

Understanding Food Label Regulations
Understanding Food Label Regulations

This paper gives an overview of labeling regulations and requirements for the US, EU, and Chinese markets. It examines the impact of the recent BRC Food Safety Issue 7 changes on global legislation standards and regulations in respect of the statutory information displayed on packaging and labels. It details all relevant labeling information a manufacturer needs to know to minimize the threat of both product recalls and potential serious health issues for end customers which mislabelling can cause.

The white paper explains:

  • US, EU & Chinese label regulations
  • The impact of the BRC & IFS standards and the recent changes
  • The role of vision inspection applications in label control programs

The release of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Food Safety Issue 7 added a new section to their regulations specifically dealing with print and label quality. The EU’s Food Information Law (or Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011) is still taking full effect. The FDA updated their Food Label Guide in 2013 and has recently published a new design guideline for the display of nutrition information on food product labels. All these are clear indications how customer safety through correct labelling is becoming a global industry concern.

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As governments and regulators move to respond to consumer pressures, food product manufacturers are left to comply with the new regulations in order to avoid recalls, decertification or fines. For manufacturers selling products globally, this means keeping track of the mounting labeling regulations for each country, as well as ensuring that every product label is up to specifications. There are an increasing number of ways in which a label might now fail to meet one of those specifications, making a strict label quality control process more necessary than ever.

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