Micro-Volume Measurements Best Practices for your Spectrophotometer
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Micro-Volume Measurements – Tips & Tricks

Tipy a triky

Micro-volume measurements best practices to achieve more accurate and precise laboratory results

Micro-Volume Measurements
Micro-Volume Measurements

Micro-volume measurements can be affected by instances of air bubbles or bad sample handling. Do you know how best to eliminate these instances?
The micro-volume measurements require consistent, small samples for precise and repeatable results.  Therefore, we have developed a simple one-page infographic for learning effective methods to standardize pipetting and small sample handling with your UV5Nano spectrophotometer.

Make the most of your UV5Nano micro-volume spectrophotometer by implementing 5 best practice tips and tricks for improved precision and sample handling in your laboratory including how to:            

  • Effectively clean the sample area
  • Properly set the pipette
  • Improve repeatability
  • Pipette smoothly on the platform
  • Determine rhythm and speed

Appropriate pipetting and handling techniques with your micro-volume spectrophotometer will greatly improve the accuracy of your results. Implementing consistent practices will improve daily measurement workflows and ultimately influence the outcomes and success of your laboratory. Download our one-page infographic and share with your laboratory colleagues to encourage consistence practices when operating the UV5Nano micro-spectrophotometer.                                       

Download this free one-page infographic to learn how to improve your UV5Nano micro-volume spectrophotometer measurement results.
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