Is the iC Raman software required in order to use a ReactRaman instrument?

Yes, in order to configure and collect spectra using a ReactRaman instrument, the instrument must be connected to a computer running the iC Raman software.

Can I use the iC Raman software to analyze experimental data on another computer?

Yes, additional copies of iC Raman software are available to purchase. Instrument licenses allow full control and analysis of data from ReactRaman instruments. Office licenses of iC Raman, which can be used for analysis and reporting of complete experiments, are also available at a discounted price.

How can I get iC Raman experiment data into other systems such as my ELN or data warehouse?

iC Raman experiment trend data can be copied and pasted into Excel or raw spectra can be exported by the user into industry standard SPC files. For automatic export of data, iC Data Center can be used to capture and process completed experiments for easy ingestion by other applications like electronic lab notebooks or scientific data management systems.

Can I show data from other iC instruments in iC Raman?

All software in the iC Suite can easily share data in real-time. Trends from one iC application can be added to iC Raman (and vice versa) at any time and will dynamically update. Data from third party applications can also be shown in the iC Raman trend viewer by using the iC Data Share or iC OPC UA utilities.

What are the computer requirements to run iC Raman software?

iC Raman runs on Microsoft Windows and is compatible with most mid- to high-performance laptops or workstations. Please see the iC Raman datasheet for specific requirements.

How can I be sure to get the latest version of iC Raman available?

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Stay up-to-date by ensuring that your iC Software is covered by a Software Care subscription. Users with a Software Care subscription will be proactively notified by email of any new releases and will have access to the downloads and licenses for any new versions released during their contract term.

iC software maintenance is included in the Software Care Standard offering. For additional enterprise-level features ask your METTLER TOLEDO representative about an iC Site License.

iC Raman datasheet

iC Raman 8 Datasheet

iControl Raman software delivers high-quality data that can be transformed into comprehensive reaction understanding.

ReactRaman 802L data sheet

ReactRaman 802L Datasheet

A high-performance spectrometer ensures reliable and high-quality reaction information from every experiment.

iC Software Care data sheet

iC Software Care Datasheet

iCare Software Maintenance includes all upgrades and maintenance releases for instrument or office versions.

ic data center data sheet

iC Data Center Datasheet

Improves productivity for the researcher while facilitating knowledge management for the organization.