X-ray Inspection Systems Portfolio


No matter what you manufacture, X-Series systems inspect, detect, reject and can protect your business

X-Series X-ray Inspection Systems | Infographic PDF
X-Series X-ray Inspection Systems | Infographic PDF

Unmatched in terms of range, performance and capability, our X-Series portfolio of advanced x-ray inspection systems contain a number of options to choose from to cover every application and packaging type.

This straightforward infographic makes it easy to determine which of our x-ray inspection solutions is right for your application. It compares each of our standard systems by system length, throughput, power options, lanes and inspection capabilities.


Our x-ray inspection systems can inspect a varied range of products:

Typical packaged applications include the inspection of foil and plastic containers, cartons and boxes, foil pouches, bags and sacks, trays, tubes, sachets, flow-wraps, PET bottles and blister packs.

Tall, Rigid and Flexible Packaging
Inspect glass containers and cans containing a broad range of products such as condiments and sauces, meat, poultry and seafood, fruit and vegetables, infant feeding products, ready meals, dairy, beverages and medicines.

Bulk Food
The inspection of bulk foods is designed to support quality assurance in a wide range of industries including meat, poultry, seafood, fruit, vegetables, and confectioneries.

Pumped Food
Pipeline x-ray inspection solutions are specifically designed to inspect pumped food products such as meat and poultry, slurries, semi-solids and fluids, at any stage in processing or before final packaging.

These systems are designed to inspect a variety of loose, bulk products such as grains, nuts, confectionery, snacks and cereals.