The culture of our business - METTLER TOLEDO

The culture of our business

Each of us at METTLER TOLEDO can be proud of the unique culture and tremendous spirit that radiates from this organization. We have each played a role in making METTLER TOLEDO a great place to work and a formidable competitor in the marketplace. Making up our culture are a number of values that guide our behavior. Our values are key in ensuring we achieve our vision for the company.

Performance with INTEGRITY

Performance with integrity is a fundamental value that supports all our corporate values.

METTLER TOLEDO`s success is built on our reputation with all stakeholders for lawful and ethical behavior. We must always conduct our business ethically and legally. This enhances and protects our reputation and is the only way for us to succeed in the long run.

We deliver QUALITY:

METTLER TOLEDO has earned a strong reputation for quality. In fact, customers associate our brand with quality and innovation.

Quality for METTLER TOLEDO is more than technical precision and premier products. Quality is a state of mind. With good quality, we save ourselves and our customers hassle and disappointment. We must continue to meet the high standards for quality set by our customers. And we must be attentive to delivering quality in the workplace, where the next person along the line is a customer, too.

Quality is one of life’s pleasures. Success and quality go hand-in-hand.

At METTLER TOLEDO, we want to be ambitious. This means getting the order, being the first in new markets, applying new technologies to our business processes, and so on.
A positive mindset and an ambitious attitude help us win the contest for markets and customers. We are well equipped to win. We have a strong global organization, the will to win and team spirit.
Help METTLER TOLEDO take control of its future and seize opportunities to help us grow.


Cost leadership is an important element in defending our competitive advantage. We want to use our market leadership to be the cost leader as well.

Achieving a good cost-benefit ratio for our customers means one thing above all: spend nothing that does not help the customer.

The best guide is your own conscience. If there’s something you would not spend money on yourself, then don’t spend it on behalf of the company.


Initiative, the catalyst required in everyone to make things happen! Initiative starts a chain reaction that makes the impossible possible, opens new doors and lets us meet our goals.

At METTLER TOLEDO, we want you to feel empowered. Take the initiative to pursue opportunities and clear away obstacles. We succeed by doing things, not thinking about them.


METTLER TOLEDO has long been a leader in innovation – not only in products and services, but in the way we think about everything. Innovation is the art of finding answers before the question is asked. Often only a minor change leads to a major innovation.

Let’s find new ways to improve customers’ processes. Create new solutions for customer challenges. Set the stage for new services.

We are AGILE:

Business is becoming more global, and change is occurring at a faster and faster clip. This challenges us to stay flexible, adjust priorities and move faster ourselves.

METTLER TOLEDO’s decentralized structure, which pushes decision-making to the local level, enables us to move swiftly when opportunities arise. To be first, we must be open to change and able to react quickly and efficiently to opportunities.

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