Our Products

Solutions Tailored to Our Customers
Our day to day business is focused on our customers' needs. We encounter a variety of challenges. Dynamic market conditions, for example, can both change and increase customer requirements. They may need to increase their productivity and fulfill more stringent quality requirements. While systems are working efficiently, our customers have to handle vast amounts of data. They also often have to adhere to strict regulations.

Our product range allows our customers to meet all of these challenges. We have not achieved this leading position in our sector purely because we offer outstanding solutions, but because our customers value these solutions so highly.

Laboratory Solutions: Advancing Research 
Our laboratory instruments improve  processes in research and development, drug discovery and quality control. The data generated by our instruments can be analyzed and managed in our application-specific software and interfaced with customers’ information systems. The benefits of our solutions include enhanced accuracy, productivity and compliance.

Industrial Solutions: Improving Productivity 
Our industrial instruments and software optimize operations from receiving to shipping with solutions for production, end-of-line inspection and logistics. Our solutions provide value to customers with improved product quality and automated processes, increased efficiency and regulatory compliance. Many of our solutions are integrated into our customers’ ERP systems.

Retailing: Optimizing Fresh Foods Management 
With our solutions retailers effectively manage their fresh foods inventory and support merchandising to maximize efficiency and profitability. Our solutions are networked and collect data on various items, and our software helps our customers with pricing, inventory management, supply chain management and more. Our solutions integrate with existing IT infrastructures.


Connectivity: Networking for Solutions
Seamless data communcation and system integration are vital to process control and quality assurance. Our instruments and application-specific software integrate easily into IT environments, enhancing safety and efficiency as well as guaranteeing compliance. Our solutions are designed for flexibility, including wireless connectivity, and are supported by Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers.

Service: Supporting Business Goals
We believe a service strategy should be driven by the impact each instrument has on our customer’s business goals, as measured by the consequences of inaccuracy, substandard quality, downtime or noncompliance with regulations. Our consultative service approach tailors a service strategy that best supports our customer’s success.

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