InPro 5500i CO2 Sensor for Beverages

In-Line CO2 Sensor for Beer and Soft Drink CO2 Monitoring

The InPro 5500i is a thermal conductivity CO2 sensor for measuring and controlling carbon dioxide levels in beer, soft drinks and other carbonated beverages. InPro 5500i provides the reliable measurements you require to ensure final products meet your high quality standards for taste and mouthfeel. The sensor is designed for easy serviceability, and Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) predictive diagnostics technology in the InPro 5500i helps manage maintenance efforts.

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What is the InPro 5500i?

The InPro 5500i is a digital thermal conductivity CO2 sensor which measures dissolved carbon dioxide levels in beverage production. These beverage CO2 sensors deliver precise, real-time data using integrated temperature sensor technology and built-in sensor protection. The InPro 5500i provides reliable measurements of CO2 in soft drinks and beer, ensuring final products meet your quality standards. InPro 5500i is a digital sensor built on Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology, which enables advanced diagnostics to simplify handling and reduce sensor lifecycle costs.

How does the InPro 5500i work?

The InPro 5500i works by the thermal conductivity principle. The sensing electrode is separated from the measurement gas chamber. Carbon dioxide diffuses through the membrane and into the gas chamber of the InPro 5500i CO2 sensor for beverages. The thermal conductivity sensor detects dynamically the change of the thermal conductivity of the diffusing CO2 gas continuously. The gas diffusion rate is proportional and  correlated to the CO2 concentration in the media.

What ISM features are available with the InPro 5500i?

The InPro 5500i soft drink and beer CO2 sensor uses Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology to simplify sensor handling and reduce sensor lifecycle cost. Features include:

Plug and Measure technology which allows the sensor to be calibrated away from the process. 

Predictive diagnostics, including the Dynamic Lifetime Indicator, which detects when membrane replacement will be required, and the Adaptive Calibration Timer which predicts when calibration should next be performed.

What process connections are available with the InPro 5500i?

The InPro 5500i thermal conductivity CO2 sensor by METTLER TOLEDO has Varivent Type N, Tri-Clamp 2", and 28mm with cap nut M42 direct process connections available.