Don't Lose Your Fizz: Safeguarding CO₂ Measurements

White Paper

Don't Lose Your Fizz: Safeguarding CO₂ Measurements

Get Early Alarms to Take Appropriate Action

Safeguarding CO2 Measurements
Safeguarding CO2 Measurements

Maintaining the desired dissolved carbon dioxide concentrations in brewery processes gives beer the sparkle that consumers like. Dissolved CO2 sensors based on thermal conductivity determination provide accurate measurements, but a decrease in sensor membrane integrity or the required purge gas supply can easily cause problems.

METTLER TOLEDO’s dissolved CO2 sensor solves these issues through its Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) technology.

The ISM concept simplifies sensor handling, enhances reliability and reduces sensor lifecycle costs. ISM’s features include diagnostics tools that constantly monitor a sensor’s condition. On the METTLER TOLEDO sensor, these tools provide an immediate alarm should the purge gas supply decrease or membrane integrity drop.

This means corrective action can be taken before the situation deteriorates further. If the fault is not rectified quickly, the sensing element will even shut down to protect itself from damage.

This white paper explains how the unique combination of an industry-accepted measurement principle and the ISM concept leads to substantial benefits regarding simple operation and process uptime.

Discover in this white paper:

  • Challenges for plant operators
  • Problems caused by false CO2 measurements
  • Thermal conductivity technology for CO2 sensors
  • Automatic sensor protection features
  • Intelligent diagnostics for efficient maintenance planning
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