Beer Dissolved CO2 Sensors
Case Study

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Case Study

Case Study on Dissolved CO2 Sensors for Beer

Different beers may have different level of dissolved carbon dioxide. So, during production, breweries need a CO2 sensor that not only provides accurate measurements, but is also easy to handle between products.

For Boulevard Brewing, the largest specialty brewer in the US Midwest, an intelligent CO2 sensor provides the answer. Boulevard Brewing tested an InPro 5500i CO2 sensor from METTLER TOLEDO for several months before it was fully installed.

METTLER TOLEDOʼs InPro 5500i sensor uses thermal conductivity (TC) for partial CO2 pressure determination. The measurement is achieved by determining the thermal conductivity of the gas present in a measuring chamber separated from the liquid stream by a gas-permeable membrane. The TC principle is immune to the presence of background gases, which results in high CO2 selectivity. Also, it has a high comparability with established reference methods. METTLER TOLEDO has enhanced this well-established principle by improving sensor handling and refining the cap that holds the membrane. The single-piece cap has been designed for fast, simple replacement and high cleanability to prevent contamination.


The InPro 5500i combines enhanced TC measurement with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) technology. ISM simplifies sensor handling, enhances reliability and reduces sensor lifecycle costs. Plug and Measure installation and predictive maintenance tools, such as an indicator for falling membrane integrity, increases measurement point uptime and improve process safety.